Does Social Media and Email Marketing Go Hand in Hand?

If you think you are a smart businessman and have enough confidence in building effective business strategies, you surely won’t miss opportunities to be a part of the useful conversations with your clients and members on social networking sites. In any case, if you are not present there, you might miss a lot out of those engaging conversations and might even miss chances to extend your marketing reach.

Participation in Social media Conversations is Important

It’s an undeniable truth that that social media sites today give you the opportunity to build customer relationships. This in turn results in the extensive growth of your business since you get the liberty to share contents and grow your audience here under this platform. In fact, this becomes your best and safest way to give rise to powerful marketing strategies through which you prosper and stay ahead of your rivals.

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Where Email Marketing Wins over Social Media Marketing

It’s also true that emailing keeps you connected more intimately with your customers. Once your newsletter or email is opened by someone, he/she with undivided attention spends time in going through your document in the inbox. In fact, one preserves it permanently and can access it anytime. On archiving your email campaigns in the form of web page, you can see the content getting live forever. This rather adds credibility to your business.

3 Secrets Blending Social Media and Email Marketing with Perfection



Stay with your customers – It’s not easy to keep in mind which social media sites comprise the name of your preferred customers and clients. The tastes and preferences differ from one person to another when it comes to social networking. Just like there are networking sites designed for teenagers, professionals also keep posting information on similar sites meant for them only. So, you need to shape your researches in such a manner that can help you find your clients and viewers under the canopy of social networking.

Maintain an email list – One of the biggest secrets to get the snowball rolling from the social media mountain is to make use of the email list. This will help you acquire a global presence when you will be inviting your subscribers to follow you on social media platforms. Nowadays, web professionals make use of the SMTP service to exchange bulk emails with their clients. This no doubt enhances their relationship with their business partners.

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Invite people to visit your blog – Remember, if you consider your website to be your headquarter, the social media sites should act as your satellites. This rather lets you broaden your business presence on a global basis. So, the more you keep posting links and contents on your business website, the more is the number of visitors.


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