Optimize your Email Marketing with Dedicated Servers

Image Courtesy: goo.gl/fJYAD

Image Courtesy: goo.gl/fJYAD

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools of online marketing. A proper email marketing strategy can seldom backfire. If dedicated email servers are used, email marketing campaigns, are bound to work in the favor of the sender. High-performance email marketing servers, which are dedicated, are best for both small scale and large scale mail marketers. These servers are the best in delivery, performance, customization and privacy.

Here are a few features that make dedicated email servers the best for email marketing campaigns.

  • They have unlimited mailing lists and enterprise or professional level features
  • Maintenance comprises updates, back up and 24 hour network monitoring
  • They have extremely high sending speeds. A good, dedicated email server can send up to 500,000 mails per hour.
  • They can archive unlimited data
  • Administrative and hierarchy capabilities for site, server and lists
  • They can send millions of mails at one go and can scale uphill without changing systems over time (around 70,000,000 mails can be include every month)

Once you receive a private and dedicated IP address, which can be used only by your company and you, the performance of your email marketing will maximize and only you will be responsible for the activity of your IP. All you have to do is follow good email practices and send emails to opt-in lists. If you do so, your sender reputation will heighten and you will get brilliant delivery rates as your server will only deliver your email communications.

With dedicated email servers you can now send heavy email marketing interactions without any difficulty and this will also increase your inbox delivery. With dedicated servers you will be able to send mails to more than a million email addresses at one time. This is brilliant for both bulk and single email sending.


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