SMTP Server Provides the Best Security Option

Email services today have a large impact on the modern marketing system. The business and commerce world will lose on the productive ground in absence of proper email services. Emails make online communication fast and making easily accessible for marketers to reach to their clients in least possible time and without any assistance. However, one needs to be secure about the mail server if it proficient, safe and secure.

SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is most trusted and widely used in corporate sector due to its security reasons. Here are a few features of Security Components of SMTP server:

Secure Socket Layer (SSL): Basically SSL are cryptographic protocols. These provide security to emails when they are sent and received. While symmetric encryption helps in maintaining email confidentiality, asymmetric cryptography is used for verification. Integrity or reliability of messages is checked by message authentication codes. Various online applications including emailing use different versions of SSL protocol.

Anti-Viruses: Our system and internet applications are protected from bugs by Anti-viruses. These two might not function properly if anti-virus fails to wipe-out the bugs. SMTP uses Amavis and Clamav anti-viruses to provide us the best security measure available in the web world. Amavis anti-virus is installed in SMTP server from beforehand and it protects our system and mails from – Malware, Viruses and Spam. This anti-virus can easily locate the viruses, spam and syntax error in your emails. Between content filters and mailers, Amavis acts as a border. Mails and computer systems are saved from potential threats by this antivirus.

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SpamAssassin: Most mail users and services face problems related to spam. To cheek on spamming SMTP has equipped itself with SpamAssassin. It acts as a potent weapon to keep useless mails away from our inbox. You don’t need to log on to your inbox to remove spam. The inbox cleaning process is done by it. It detects all the spam messages automatically and deletes them permanently. Saying no to spam has become easy now.

SMTP server consider security component the first and foremost priority. You get the opportunity to carry out emailing without worrying about various threats and useless email pouring in. If you want to make SMTP more secure, you need Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) before an inbound connection is accepted by the Virtual Server (VS). But it’s not practicable on net as you can’t predict who you will connect with and the user is using an appropriate username and password to connect. Moreover, many administrators are not interested in implementing it. So, it must be used with a different approach rather than removing anonymous connections.


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