An even faster Samsung Galaxy S4? Believe it!

Samsung, it seems, hasn’t tired of making waves at all, especially when it comes to their Smartphone range. This time around the buzz is all about the new, revamped Galaxy S4. Yes, you can believe your eyes. Even though the very recently launched S4 is still bright and shiny, just like a new penny, here comes another upgrade. And yes, it isn’t going to be very easy on the pocket either since it is supposed to be a tad more expensive than the first Galaxy S4. However, if you’re on the verge of buying a Galaxy S4 or already have one, then you’re not the kind that worries much about the cost, are you?

Well, to get to the point, the whole uproar is about speed. With the help of something called the ‘LTE advanced technology’ and a brand new processor from Qualcomm the new version of the Galaxy S4 is supposed to be very, very fast. How fast exactly? Multiply your current 4G connection by 2. Again, yes, believe it – it is touted to be twice as fast as 4G connections. And if you’ve finally tired of the colour white for your Smartphone, take heart as the S4 will also be available in a shade called “Aurora Red”.

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However with the sudden influx of high end smart phones from leading brands like Nokia, Apple, HTC etc. Samsung has realised that it may need to provide more variety. Hence three new models – the Galaxy S4 Zoom, the Galaxy S4 Mini and the Galaxy S4 Active – are in the pipeline. These are targeted at users who want something more than just a fast Smartphone.

The Galaxy S4 Mini will cater to those for whom the adage “the bigger the screen, the better” does not apply. Thankfully Samsung has woken up to the fact that not all high end Smart phones need to be hulk sized. The Galaxy S4 Active, geared towards those who treat their phones to some tough love, seems to be the answer to Sony’s dust and water proof Xperia. Finally the Galaxy S4 Zoom. This one is for those who can’t seem to make up their mind about whether their Smartphone can be a substitute for their camera. Though not quite pretty, and literally not a pocket friendly phone, it should find some takers.

With so many innovations, and so many new styles and functions, have you ever stopped to differentiate between the really useful features and the fluff? Drop us a line to let us know your thoughts.

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