How Google Wallet is Useful for Modern Day Shoppers?

Sending or receiving payments quickly and securely is no more a worry now. Google has brought a new app to transact payments anywhere in the world on time and in safe and secured way. Google Wallet is a kind of virtual debit card to be used for online shopping or shopping at certain stores. It is also used for sending money electronically. Google Wallet can be accessed online or through a free app.

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Google Wallet App

Besides online Google Wallet, the Android and iPhone users are made available with an app on Google Play Store or the App Store of your phone. For now, the app is only available within the territory of United State.

Google Wallet App works with a tap and pay feature supported on certain devices in the United States. Traditional shoppers at brick and mortar stores that allow contact-free payments can now pay the bill by simple tap on their mobile device at the cashier’s counter. The payment is submitted through Google Wallet.

Additionally, Google Wallet also makes it easy to store all your store loyalty or rewards cards on a single platform. While making purchases at specific stores, you just need to show your device and allow the cashier scan the information to redeem discounts or rewards.

How to add funds to Google Wallet?

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You can add funds to Google Wallet by following three easy ways.

• Add money from your credit or debit card
• Transfer money from your bank account
• Receive only payments from the debtors

Google Wallet accepts Discover, MasterCard, American Express and Visa. Make sure that MasterCard or Visa logo is there on the debit card, if you want to use a debit card. Specific business or flexible-spending account credit cards are non-compatible with Google Wallet.

How to send Money through Gmail?

Sending money with Google Wallet is easier for the people who use the new Gmail compose format. You just need to click on the dollar sign that appears when you bring the mouse pointer over the attachment option. If the new Gmail format is not configured on your smart-phone, you can download the Google Wallet App or update your account.

How Google Wallet is Advantageous?

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Google Wallet allocates you a prepaid MasterCard number from Bancorp Bank as soon as money is transacted in your account. Your real credit or debit card number is kept hidden when you shop from online store or make payments to a person with a Gmail account. So, your important banking information is kept safe and secured.

You do not have to pay a fee for receiving money through Google Wallet. Moreover, you do not have to pay a fee while transferring money to the Google Wallet from the bank account or deposit money in bank account from Google Wallet.

What are Disadvantages of Google Wallet?

You must have a Gmail account for configuring Google Wallet. The same is required for the people you need to send money to.

Google Wallet is not accepted by every online store. So, you must check for the option “Buy with Google” before shopping.

You have to pay a fee of 2.9 percent if you are using a credit or debit card for adding money to your wallet or while purchasing through credit or debit cards.

So, Google has brought a revolution when it comes to online shopping through credit or debit cards.


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