Cloud Hosting Company Launches new Technology

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Applications that are cloud based are extremely convenient as users can access them through mobile and web browser applications while the data and business software are stored at remote locations on servers. Cyber Host Pro is a company that specializes in Cloud Hosting and was also awarded the ‘Best Independent Technological Business 2013’. Their new top spec virtual server was launched on Friday, October 4. This server offers clients the latest in technology at extremely reasonable prices. These servers are hosted from a collocation data centre in Trafford Park, Manchester.

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Every business needs to consider a safe and certified environment for hosting. Cyber Host Pro offers services like, asset protection, risk management and accelerated confidence in cloud operations. As cloud operations are intended to be dynamic, Cyber Host Pro offers these services to clients all around the world. This service can benefit almost anyone who is looking for a server that is cost effective and is highly advantageous. As the server starts on extremely low specifications, the auto scale of the company can automatically downgrade or upgrade the resources to the one that is required by them.

• The newly launched cloud server is incredibly similar to VPS as it is scalable. It also has additional advantages like

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• Auto Heal (if a Hypervisor was to sink, then another would notice it and boot the back up of the virtual server)

• Data replication for high availability (the virtual hard disk is on more than one SANs)

CDN (this will copy the website images of the company to over hundred of their partners around the world speeding up the website in every country)

“It is great to be able to offer one of the best servers available on the market. Our client base of over 50,000 websites already see the benefit of the investments we make in the latest technology, and we know that new technology like this is why so many companies are choosing to host with us. Not only is our technology a really attractive proposition for new customers looking for a safe and secure place to host, but also our prices are so affordable and competitive that we are better priced than 90% of hosting companies out there. With the range of hosting options we have, what more can a company want?” – Chris Danks, Director, Cyber Host Pro

Cyber Host Pro has also been recognized for the fast growth of their business as it has received an award for Best Independent Technology Business 2013. The company is riding high and is hoping to do well for the rest of the year and also in 2014.


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