Gaming in 2014 can set a New Trend in Education

With time, the meaning of education is gradually changing. For years, books, pens and blackboards have acted as the major components in providing education to students and career professionals. Now, it is technology that is driving new age learners towards gathering new learning experiences that have never been achieved in the classrooms. In fact, teachers are now making students play games in order to enhance their creative skills and intelligence, and this is giving virtual education a new meaning and significance.

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Gaming Innovations in 2013

2013 has witnessed a wide range of gaming resources like the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 and Ouya Consoles in order to inject creativity in the world of gaming for online learners. According to Ken Levine, who is the creative director of Irrational Games, the introduction of these incredible gaming gadgets in 2013 has left experts with a question as how these gaming resources will bring changes in the learning ambiance.

Supporting this context, Levine said, “Being in gaming is like being in music in the ’60s, but there’s a new British invasion like every three years. I think disruption is generally a good thing. It keeps us on our toes as developers and usually yields dividends for gamers.” On the other hand, the managing director of Ubisoft Mobile, Jean-Michel Detoc said that the mobile industry has performed with absolute consistency for the last 5 years and 2014 will similarly be no exception.

2014 to bring ‘Freemium’ Pricing on Games

Detoc anticipates that the mobile trends in 2013 will move towards investing more time in playing games on digital devices in 2014. In fact, many games will include ‘freemium’ pricing since they would be allowed to run on smart televisions, smartwatches and all new devices. In fact, the concept of freemium pricing will undergo steady growth in 2014. Spike TV’s host, Geoff Keighley said that 2014 will known to be a massive year for the gaming industry.

2014 – a Monumental year for Game Lovers

With the rapid growth in the installation base of PS4 and Xbox One, more new games would be introduced and designed in such a manner that can run swiftly on modernised hardware systems. New franchises like Destiny and Titanfall are now being anticipated to excite game lovers to a good extent. Geoff in this respect said, “2014 will be a monumental year for the gaming industry. Both the Xbox One and PS4 will continue to grow their install base, and we will begin to see more games built specifically to take advantage of the next generation hardware.”

Gaming will bring New Learning Experiences

According to Maingear’s CEO and founder, Wallace Santos, 2014 is going to bring some amazing technologies for gaming professionals. Where NVIDIA and AMD are bringing super fast gaming processors with high graphics, game lovers are surely expecting surprises this year.

Owing to such wonderful gaming applications, it seems that individuals who have been planning to take up fulltime courses for higher studies are now getting diverted towards enrolling in online courses. Now, if this keeps growing, students would take pleasure in not only studying but playing strategic games that would instead beautify their learning experiences. Gaming is definitely a growing trend in today’s world of digital education and it will keep inspiring new age learners to take more interest in their studies.


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