Facebook’s Paper Lets You Read Brilliant Contents with Lots of Likes, on Mobile

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1bx1OHu

                                           Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1bx1OHu

Some great contents are missed because people have not subscribed to the right sources. Facebook plans to bring you a chance to go through every important app with Paper, an individual iOS news reader app. A few days ago, the social media giant revealed this app, which is aimed at delivering human and algorithm-curated photos and articles in different categories, such as Tech, LOL, and Pop Culture. Facebook is going to celebrate its 10th birthday on February 4th, and the Paper is scheduled to be launched a day before on February 3rd.

Paper is the first app coming out of Facebook Creative Labs, an initiative to allow Facebook’s small teams come up with individual mobile experiences, similar to any active startups. Mark Zuckerberg, on the announcement date, discussed the strategy of conquering mobile with plenty of single-purpose experiences, and not stuffing more functionality into the core app of Facebook. The Facebook Creative Labs are just carrying out the strategy of Zuckerberg.

Facebook is officially launching Paper with a feature tour, blog post, and the vision video, which is embedded below.

How Paper Works?

Mark Zuckerberg has a desire to make Facebook modern day’s newspaper and Paper is the right step taken in this direction.

As soon as Paper is downloaded on your mobile phone, a virtual interface for the News Feed greets you. While videos and big photos are shown on the top half, status updates and link stories find a place at the bottom half. To browse through stories, you can swipe from right to left. A wonderful animation takes up the full screen and videos auto-play by tapping once. To return to the Paper feed, pinch the story and it folds back.

To make the contents really interesting, you can add “sections”, such as Score (sports), Cute (Buzzfeed-style lovely animals), Headline (world news), Planet (sustainability and earth porn), Exposure (photography), Ideas (intellectual themes), Enterprise (business).

Stories are picked by Human Editors

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1imZULf

             Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1imZULf

Stories in each section is selected by the human editors of Facebook and influenced by the Paper algorithm publicly posted to Facebook by a blogger, public figure, or publication. This app also allows you to share your own stories.

Usually, on Facebook, people see posts from friends and subscribed pages, but Paper has been created to surprise you with a traditional newspaper experience on mobile. If you have missed a public content with lots of likes or that Paper editor considers as brilliant, Paper will bring the content to you.

Innovation is the key to success for Facebook. With this new app, Paper, the social media giant is trying to attract the new users and content creators, who had started ditching Facebook recently. If Paper tastes success, it will surely steal thunder from micro-blogging services.


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