With Lots of New Updates, Apple’s iOS 7.1 is ready to take the Tech World by Storm

The mobile technology giant, Apple a few days ago released an update for its mobile operating system. This is the first significant update on iDevices since the debut of iOS 7 almost six months ago.

Image Source: bit.ly/1m5GR9c

Image Source: bit.ly/1m5GR9c

iOS 7.1 has come up with a host of strikingly new features, design changes, improvement and bug fixes. One of the bug fixes puts to rest the issue of random reboot that has been bothersome for users in recent times.

First and foremost, the updated mobile operating system provides support for Apple CarPlay, earlier known as iOS in the Car.

As Apple seeks to gain its footing in the in-car infotainment sector, this new update would surely prove helpful in taking the tech giant into new territory. The new CarPlay system will connect an iPhone 5, 5C or 5S with the built-in display of a car and allow the driver to control a number of apps comfortably. The Siri app would play an important role to allow you control your movements on the road with ease.

Some select models from Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Hyundai and Volvo are available with this system but more are to follow in recent future.

Image Source: bit.ly/1icZjwG

Image Source: bit.ly/1icZjwG

The iTunes Radio users now have the opportunity to quickly go through the featured stations and produce new ones according to individual artist or track. You also have the option to subscribe to iTunes Match through your iDevice, as an alternative to a desktop. You can ask for a Match subscription that costs $25 each year but cleans your iTunes Radio from ads and provides cloud storage service for your music which can be accessed through every Apple device.

Siri changes

If you use Siri, you have the option to get constant attention of your virtual assistant by pressing the home button of device till the time you finish what you have to say. Siri likes to take a plunge when you are thought done, but with this new feature, you can gain the control over every aspect of the app.

The Siri users in the UK will notice that voice has also been updated with less formal tone than before. Apple has brought in new and more natural sounding voice features also for the users in China, Japan and Australia.

The new calendars will now allow you display events in month view. Also, the country-specific holidays have found its place for various countries.

Apple says that iOS 7.1 also comes up with better performance for iPhone 4 users, a new camera setting to let you automatically enable the HDR feature for iPhone 5S, and better Touch ID fingerprint recognition.


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