11 Tips To Optimise Your Email Marketing Success

Do you know your email has thrice as many users as Twitter and Facebook combined? Email marketing should be one of the key strategies of your company’s marketing plan as it reaches almost 2.9 billion users. Email can be highly beneficial in terms of customer acquisition and retention.

Image Source: bit.ly/1s0IWe4

Image Source: bit.ly/1s0IWe4

So to help you out, here I have listed 11 outstanding tips that will enable you to use email marketing in the best way possible-

Right Message To The Right person

Image Source: bit.ly/YFHtgl

Image Source: bit.ly/YFHtgl

The fact is all the emails you send cannot be relevant for each of the users in your database. Hence it is important that you divide your database into different categories and groups and develop tailored email campaigns for each category. You also need to find out which days and times for sending email are most effective for you.

Understand Your Aims

Identify and understand the aim of your email campaign. Make sure that these goals are measurable and specific. You also need to design your call-to-action accordingly.

Offer Valuable Information

Image Source: clickmail.com

Image Source: clickmail.com

Apart from making sure that your email helps you to accomplish your goal, you must ensure that the email content offers value to the recipients. Focus on the “What’s in it for me?” question when developing content.

Add Call-To-Action

Make sure that your email includes a persuasive and clear Call-To-Action. It should encourage recipients to take the desired action like calling a given number or signing up for free registration etc.

Image Source: bit.ly/1hh6Zga

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1hh6Zga

A Convincing Subject Line Is Must

Let’s face it, the subject line of your email will determine if majority of the recipients will open the email or not. It is of utmost importance as this is the first thing your recipients will read. Keep it short and simple to have an efficient subject line.

Don’t Use Spam-Trigger Words

It is best to ignore those words which might make spam filters to pick up your email. Moreover avoid all CAPS and exclamation marks in the subject line.

Image Source: bit.ly/XbSIMh

Image Source: bit.ly/XbSIMh

Add Social Media Share Buttons

You will surely miss out on a lot of potential new business opportunities if you don’t provide your email recipients the scope to share the email on social media. By including social share buttons in your email templates, you can have the potential to reach thousands of individuals to whom you don’t have access to.

Make Your Email Striking

Creating a striking, remarkable and well formatted email is crucial. You can do this by adding images, bullet points and using text with short paragraphs. Make sure your email is interesting to your contacts.

Mobile-Friendly Email

Image Source: bit.ly/1pdNuGp

Image Source: bit.ly/1pdNuGp

Optimize your email for smartphones and tablets as most people nowadays check their emails on these devices. Use only one call-to-action, single column template, large text and being to the point will help in developing a mobile-friendly email.

Track Your Results

Find out how effective your email was by tracking the metrics such as click-through rate and open rate. You can get campaign reports and essential data by using a powerful CRM. You can also use Google URL builder to include trackable links in your email. This will enable you to check clicks and conversions through Google Analytics.

Optimise With A/B Split Testing

A/B split tests allows you to send one variation of your email to 50% of your contacts; while the other 50% receives another variation of your email. A/B split testing is undoubtedly an excellent way to boost the performance and effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Image Source: bit.ly/1BAPWzo

Image Source: bit.ly/1BAPWzo

So there you have it…my top 11 tips for making your email marketing campaigns successful and get results. If you wish to add some more tips to this list, then simply comment below. We would love to hear your views and opinions.

Article Source: huff.to/1pGsNrz


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