How Influential Are Transactional and Marketing Emails?

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Emails are sent to individuals on the basis of some future action. You sign up whenever you visit a website of your choice. You immediately receive an email.

The moments when such mails are sent to you are when you require email address confirmations, password resets, purchase receipts, “thank you for [some action]”,account balance updates, weekly manifests, auto-responders, support requests, cart abandonment and monthly invoices.


What are the benefits of sending these kinds of emails through such a provider?

Email marketing is an essential tool for small businesses that want to send regular marketing messages. One of the benefits is that it’s fast and cheap. It allows sophisticated opportunities to target messages to the right people at the right time and bring in serious business.

There are no hassles for the end-users as they only need to type their email and send it

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to the recipient’s email address. If you send emails through smtp providers you make the electronic communication simple and not complicated.

Mail messages may be sent easily and quickly.

The server will always try to re-send the same email until the transmission becomes successful. So it is highly reliable.

These servers are maintained locally and may be configured to exclusively handle very important and sensitive email messages.


What points should be kept in mind while sending these emails?

You should be able to understand what the customer likes or dislikes and their values. You should sound convincing but if you are too forward while advertising, you might scare your customer away. There should be sincerity in your words.

How should you follow up after communicating with a customer?

You should send a confirmation email and the best way to communicate would be to use an SMTP provider.

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The reasons why it is favored is because it is specialized in sending newsletters, it increases your deliverability rate dramatically, it can avoid being labelled as “spam” or blocked completely which is quite common and you have no daily limits set by your host. It is so easy to send emails through smtp providers.


Make sure your transactional emails are written appropriately. You must ensure that promotions are not mentioned in the subject lines so they get past spam filters.

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So you have seen how beneficial the SMTP provider is and how you can win the attention of the customers with the emails. If you have any questions, feel free to leave your comments below.


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