“Email Automation” : The New Route To Profitable Business

Cost-Effective Email Marketing

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How to make more profit? How to establish a successful business? What is the most cost-effective marketing tool? The main agent of most business entity engage themselves in sorting the way for above query. The answer is uncomplicated. E-mail marketing is the most affordable and profit making instrument. It is not just a messaging tool but is considered as the most popular form of digital media. Business experts term e-mail automation as the most essential electronic communication. Read on.

Higher conversions

Higher Conversion Rates From Email Marketing

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Automation of e-mails has led to higher conversion rate. Birthday, renewal reminders, anniversary coupons has been resource of higher conversion. Automated marketing user friendly contents has even generated 200% higher conversion rates.

Types of automated mails

Types of Automated Emails

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There are different types of automated e-mails:
– Welcome e-mail: To thank the client or the customer for joining.
– Thank You e-mail: Thanking customer for buying products.
-Timed mail: Providing valuable information to the customer.
-Transactional e-mail: It is sent as receipts, bills and order confirmations. With transactional e-mail, recipients can purchase goods or services directly from an e-mail message, without being redirected to the retailer’s Web site.

Do’s for e-mail automation

Email Automation

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To obtain desirable results you are advised to keep in mind the following factors for successful email-marketing:
– content should be simple
– Warm and friendly
– Message should be brief and to the point

Increase your business with ‘Transactional e-mail’

The transactional e-mail is the most valuable of all the e-mail. As mail recipients directed to the website, hence it helps business to evolve.

Automated Transactional e-mails have much high open rate, thus, helping your business to grow. It helps you to attach promotional substantials enabling to receive more conversions with the e-mails.

Transactional Email Marketing

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Saving of money and time

Email Automation in Email Marketing Saves Time & Money

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Although Email marketing is the best profitable platform, you should always take the service from the industry experts. Apart from your social media activity we provide you to create and schedule automated e-mails. It brings down your existing marketing cost as well as the time.

Still planning?

Planning to raise the volume of email marketing

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Planning to increase the Email Marketing Volume

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Are you still planning to raise the volume of your business? I suggest don’t spend time on reasoning, instead get ready and step in to the world of e-mail marketing. Setup your automated e-mail campaign and rediscover your brand identity and reach the  unreachable. Get noticed and create more opportunity for your business to grow successfully.

Tell us how email automation has helped your business ? Feel free to add to the discussion by sharing your views and opinions.

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How To Boost Up Sales By 23% And To Get Higher Conversion Rates ?

Email Marketing

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E-mail marketing is not only the electronic way of marketing but also the compact and witty way in which a company represents itself. The proper method of e-mail marketing can pave the way towards the boost- up of sales by 23% and also the higher conversion rates.

The findings of the E-Mail Marketing Industry Census 2014

Sponsored by Adestra, the census found that the revenue from e-mail has increased by 28% in a year. The companies are in the process of attributing 23% of their total sales to the e-mail marketing channel. The average e-mail ROI spent for every dollar is $40.

Now, let us look at the three steps by which sales can be boosted up to 23% as well as higher conversion rates can be obtained:

1.Email append

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Often it is observed that the customers change their e-mail address. It is also found that the details of them is present but not their e-mail ID. These create a lot of problems.

An email append service is the solution. In this way, the e-mail adresses of the customers are enlisted according to their names. But how?


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If a third party database is matched against the pre-existing list of their names, then their e-mail addresses can be found and attached. With the help of this customers can be communicated in a cost-effective system; less active customers can be made busier; expenditure will be less by saving different mail costs and with the help of cross-sale and up-sale, sales can be increased from the existing database of e-mail.

2. Reverse email append

This is the opposite of the first. Here, the e-mail addresses are provided but not the details of the customers like their names; addresses etc. So, what is to be done?

Reverse Email Appending

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The reverse customer append is the way in which these records of the customers can be recorded. By multiple touch-points; by appending demographic and firmographic changes to the customer details; by segmenting the database in accordance to location helps in the attachment of such details to e-mail addresses.

What are the advantages? Personalised e-mails develop the click-through rate by 14% and the conversion rates also get 10% higher. The personalized promotional e-mails witness the transaction rates and revenue more than six times higher than that of the non-personalized variety. The personalised subject lines even deliver 26% higher unique open rates.

It is surprising that 94% of the companies say that personalisation performs an integrally valuable role in their success.

3. Validating and verifying e-mail

This is a crucial task to be done. For example e-mails are collected with less details like contact information or address and such e-mails are added in the database.

email Validation and Verification

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It results in tremendous problems.

In this step, an apt e-mail appending provider is required while sourcing the e-mails. It will run all the e-mails through validation and hygiene processes making them clean and deliverable. The process of validation identifies the addresses which are attached with spam-traps; invalid e-mails and domains; complainers; role accounts; hard bounces. It also removes duplicate e-mails and rectifies formatting errors.

Harmful and undeliverable e-mails can seriously affect e-mail marketing. It ends up in a damaged reputation of the sender which lead to blocking and blacklisting by the ISPs.

blocking and blacklisting by ISP

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Even the customers and the revenues may be lost.

According to the published reports, if an average bounce rate of 2% to 3% happens in every month, then it will result in losing 25 to 36 customers in a year. It happens because of address changes and other things.

Success is clearly seen if database is cleanly maintained

Success in Email Marketing                                           Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1LRrQTM

‘Tower Data’ Says

“After implementing email validation, some companies have reported a 75% reduction in bounce rates and a 20% increase in open rates.  Higher open rates yield more sales, increased brand exposure, and better response rates to ads—and thus repeat advertisers and higher advertising rates.”

Success is inevitable if the database is cleanly maintained. All efforts will prove nothing if the customers don’t visit the e-mails. So, the database needs to be clean in order to cleanse the obstacles of the path towards success.

What do you think? Share your thoughts and opinions with us by commenting below. We would love to hear from you.

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Email Marketing Strategies help Small Businesses reach Great Heights

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Do you have a small business? Planning on taking it places but don’t know how? Well, first you have to start by devising an effective marketing strategy that will do wonders for your business. If you’re thinking about those old ideas like pamphlets, etc. then forget about it. Traditional methods of marketing are not only expensive but there is also no guarantee whether or not the strategy will work as they are supposed to.

In this day and age, online marketing is way to go as it is affordable and less time consuming. One of the most effective tools of online marketing is email marketing. Email marketing strategies comprise bulk mailing to customers to promote a product or service or to make available special discounts and offers. If you have a small business, here are some of the reasons why email marketing will work for you.


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If your business is small, you obviously won’t have enough money to market in a large scale. In such cases, bulk email marketing is the wisest choice to opt for. This method will also take up less time and you won’t need to employ too many workers to do the job. 

Building a Healthy Relationship with your Clients

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Regular emailing can help you build a very healthy and personal relationship with your clients. Through emails, you can continuously send your clientele offers and news regarding your business, boosting sales. 

Driving the Client to View and Buy

Email marketing is a fantastic way of allowing the customer to see an offer before they purchase it. If the offer looks interesting enough, clients will rush to shop for it. You can try the email marketing strategy in case you want to use a retention campaign to lower your cost of sales.

Pulls Customers

Email marketing strategies can surely pull clients to make purchases. Small or medium sized businesses usually use email marketing campaigns to attract customers to avail of offers and engage in purchase.

Works Well if you Run a Business Offline

In case your business runs offline, you can use email marketing campaigns to increase the foot fall at your stores. All you need to do is insert a coupon or discount code in the body of the email you send.

Can be Integrated with Other Channels of Marketing

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When you are sending mails to clients promoting or introducing products or services, or if you send them discount vouchers and offers, you can integrate the social media tie ups in relevant places in the mail. Remember, just keeping it in the header or footer of the mail won’t work, place connections where they are relevant.

These are a few ways in which email marketing can help your small business grow. The best part about this method of marketing is that, not too much money is involved but more of strategy. Email marketing is not time consuming and if marketers use SMTP servers to send the mails, they can also follow them and gauge the success of their email marketing campaign.

Spamming Impossible with SMTP Authentication

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Businesses communicate with clients and partners through emails and just because they send out mails in bulk, most of them use SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol mail servers. SMTP servers help in sending out mails in a quick and cost efficient way. The configuration of SMTP authentication is important so that the problem of spamming does not occur. Here is an explanation stating how authentication works and why it is necessary. Take a look at the mechanics of SMTP authentication.


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Image Courtesy: bit.ly/I3Ncnp

How does authentication function?

SMTP authentication is required when the email is sent. When an email is being composed, one needs to provide the correct password and email address to authenticate the email. When you send out the mail, ISP checks the destination of the email and then relays the mail to the recipient’s mail server. This is called SMTP relay or simply, email relay. Basically what happens is that SMTP authentication checks if you are allowed to send email from that account.

Why is SMTP authentication needed?

From the explanation already given, it is clear to us, that to send an email one has to provide a legitimate password and email address. On a web server, things are a little different. Servers usually have SMTP enabled on it by default and a local host is used. However, local host SMTP does not need any authentication. This is a huge problem because by simplifying the programming, we also allow people to misuse the service. Some people may use the service for sending bulk mail and in the process they might even spam. With this, not only will the server slow down but it might also get blacklisted for spam by leading ISPs and the other users of the server won’t be able to send out emails anymore.

This problem is perfectly solved with SMTP authentication. Bulk email SMTP servers should have it installed so that the server cannot be misused and spam mails aren’t sent out. With authentication, the user is required to give the right SMTP identification in coding. This way the mail sent out will be sent via real email servers. This way you will have to abide by strict rules, daily quotas and spam filters. So basically, SMTP authentication protects both, the mail server and the web. This is the reason why hosting providers these days, don’t allow the use of local host SMTP. Authentication allows the reputation of the server to stay shielded.