“Email Automation” : The New Route To Profitable Business

Cost-Effective Email Marketing

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How to make more profit? How to establish a successful business? What is the most cost-effective marketing tool? The main agent of most business entity engage themselves in sorting the way for above query. The answer is uncomplicated. E-mail marketing is the most affordable and profit making instrument. It is not just a messaging tool but is considered as the most popular form of digital media. Business experts term e-mail automation as the most essential electronic communication. Read on.

Higher conversions

Higher Conversion Rates From Email Marketing

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Automation of e-mails has led to higher conversion rate. Birthday, renewal reminders, anniversary coupons has been resource of higher conversion. Automated marketing user friendly contents has even generated 200% higher conversion rates.

Types of automated mails

Types of Automated Emails

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There are different types of automated e-mails:
– Welcome e-mail: To thank the client or the customer for joining.
– Thank You e-mail: Thanking customer for buying products.
-Timed mail: Providing valuable information to the customer.
-Transactional e-mail: It is sent as receipts, bills and order confirmations. With transactional e-mail, recipients can purchase goods or services directly from an e-mail message, without being redirected to the retailer’s Web site.

Do’s for e-mail automation

Email Automation

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To obtain desirable results you are advised to keep in mind the following factors for successful email-marketing:
– content should be simple
– Warm and friendly
– Message should be brief and to the point

Increase your business with ‘Transactional e-mail’

The transactional e-mail is the most valuable of all the e-mail. As mail recipients directed to the website, hence it helps business to evolve.

Automated Transactional e-mails have much high open rate, thus, helping your business to grow. It helps you to attach promotional substantials enabling to receive more conversions with the e-mails.

Transactional Email Marketing

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Saving of money and time

Email Automation in Email Marketing Saves Time & Money

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Although Email marketing is the best profitable platform, you should always take the service from the industry experts. Apart from your social media activity we provide you to create and schedule automated e-mails. It brings down your existing marketing cost as well as the time.

Still planning?

Planning to raise the volume of email marketing

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Planning to increase the Email Marketing Volume

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Are you still planning to raise the volume of your business? I suggest don’t spend time on reasoning, instead get ready and step in to the world of e-mail marketing. Setup your automated e-mail campaign and rediscover your brand identity and reach the  unreachable. Get noticed and create more opportunity for your business to grow successfully.

Tell us how email automation has helped your business ? Feel free to add to the discussion by sharing your views and opinions.

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Achieve the Fruitful Email Marketing Results With Competent SMTP Server

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Are you facing troubles in proper delivery of your emails? If yes, make sure to correctly configure the outgoing email settings for the server. Many people relying on emails for their personal and professional commitments face similar hurdles but when checked, they are found to have configured the email setting wrongly. On many other circumstances, the fault lies with the server they have configured for outgoing emails.

Smooth email communication is a dream of most online marketers but often times they fail to live up to their dreams. The adverse circumstances while sending emails occur mainly due to unavailability of a strong and effective email sever. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is considered as the most reliable and trustworthy email server to make sure that your dream of hassle free emailing comes true.

Whether you are a start-up or a big business organisation, email helps you always remain in touch with your clients. Installing SMTP as an outgoing email server offers you many advantages, some of which are being mentioned below.

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1cM1y3d

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1cM1y3d

Bulk Email Delivery Most email marketers prefer to send emails to their subscribers in bulk, as it offers them several advantages. Sending emails in bulk is not an easy task to do, as one has to keep watch on many things related to email sending. While other email servers do not provide assurance of strong IP server, SMTP does it with its expertise and latest technologies. Yes, sending bulk emails with the help of SMTP server is an out of the world experience for the email marketers. It also helps you save lots of time and money that could be invested in boosting other services of your organisation.

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1hsDY3w

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1hsDY3w

Reputation Building Just like in the real world, reputation of your business plays a key role in the development of your venture in online sector. But, for this, you need to avoid indulging in spamming. Always remember that the guidelines set up by the spam control are strict and even small negligence could trigger spamming through your emails. SMTP manages the IP to uplift your reputation in the online sector and assures successful email delivery every time you hit the send button.

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1lyU0ZL

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1lyU0ZL

Detailed Reporting The responsibility of email marketers’ does not end with sending emails. You need to keep track of the email sending reports and status updates. SMTP offers detailed reporting which leads to proper feedbacks from the recipients. With the help of this service, you would be able to know whether your email has been delivered, deferred, waiting in the queue, or something else. To go through the reporting details, you just need to access the control panel of your system.

Hence, SMTP is competent outgoing emails sever that makes sure that all your emails are properly delivered to the recipients. It offers several other benefits to the email marketers.

How to make sure that Your Emails are properly Delivered and Read by Recipients?

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Email marketing has become one of the most popular marketing methods in present times. The latest developments in the technology sector have boosted the usages of emails as a marketing weapon. It’s because of the offered reliability and flexibility in the marketing campaign that emails is considered more useful and profitable option in online marketing world.

It is essential for email marketers to design their emails at their best to stay clear from the spam filters. However, even the best designed emails sometimes fail to reach the inboxes of recipients. If anything similar occurs with the email relay from your system, you need to look seriously into the mail set up in your SMTP server.

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to find a reliable server provider to set up mail in SMTP server of your system. By doing so, you are able to send email freely and without any worry. Additionally, you are provided with several different plans to choose from. Reliable SMTP server is compatible with almost every popular email application and can be set up by following simple and easy steps.

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Moreover, here are some more proven practices to help you ensure that your emails make it successfully to the inbox of your subscribers.

Do not rely on Images while Designing your Email – Most times, readers do turn off image for security reasons. You can avoid this from happening by focussing on HTML code and choosing images carefully. By doing so, you can make sure that your emails are being delivered to multiple recipients. Always keep in mind to depend more on texts than images while designing your email.

Avoid the use of CSS – You should try to avoid the CSS support because it differs among the email clients. Instead of CSS, you can make use of standard HTML, irrespective of the flexibility offered by CSS. In case you have to consider using CSS, make sure to link it to the email and steer clear of embedding.

Make Sure to Double Check the Code – Make sure that all the tags and valid are closed and the code is clean. It helps you avoid the activation of spam filters.

Fit in a Browser Link in your Message – Make sure to give your email recipients an easy access to your messages. Slot in a link in your message, as it helps recipients view your mail in the browser of their choice.

These are some easy tips to make sure that your emails are being delivered effectively and recipients are able to view your messages without facing any sort of hassle.

Smtpprovider.com and COMODO hacker proof services to combat potential threats in your marketing campaign

Technology has overwhelming presence in today’s marketing world. Majority of online marketers trust e-mailing for a wide outreach on the global platform. But, sadly, most marketing campaigns do not reach at the pinnacle and fumble in between because of ineffective and unreliable security features of your server provider.

In the contrast, SMTP server brings latest in technology world to benefits e-mail marketers. With several valuable e-mailing features, it makes your marketing campaign awe-inspiring and successful. Spamming and related difficulties are things of past, as now you can rely on some of the best server providers in business.

Taking your e-mailing promotion to next level, smtpprovider.com is trusted by a large number of marketers. Besides offering different noteworthy SMTP features, it also makes sure that all the security features are well in place and you are provided with latest advancements in the technology arena.

Comodo hacker proof service is one of the main headlights of smtpprovider.com. With the availability of this security means, e-mailing has become much safer and secured now. This SMTP server has brought Comodo internet security to control spamming and protect your e-mails and computer system from malware.

Let’s take a look on how Comodo internet security functions

Antivirus: As soon as you open any program, scan process is on. If any threat is recognised, antivirus makes sure to protect your system from that threat. In the recent past, Comodo Cleaning Essentials have been developed for effective scanning process.

Firewall: All the firewall testing sites recognise it highly.

HIPS: Now you do not have to worry about unknown malware threats, as the host-based intrusion system (HIPS) is designed especially for this purpose. Unknown applications can be restricted to way in essential files, folders, Windows registry and settings. Until users do not allow any unknown file to install or file shows up in white-list, Default Deny Protection refuses to execute it.

Remote assistance: With the help of this service, technicians connect to your computer and support you to disinfect the system.

Process monitoring: KillSwitch tool is designed to monitor your system against programs, which might be potentially unsafe.

Malware cleaning: Although Cleaning Essentials does not start scanning as soon as you open a program, but it is effective when you run it separately from a USB device. For the entire duration your system is connected to internet, latest updates can be downloaded on the machine.

With such highly defined features, the reliable SMTP server, smtpprovider.com, ensures that e-mailing remains free and protected from recognised as well as unrecognised malware threats.

Apart from internet security, smtpprovider.com is committed to provide you all the other valuable SMTP services.

Comodo Security in smtpprovider.com

Does Social Media and Email Marketing Go Hand in Hand?

If you think you are a smart businessman and have enough confidence in building effective business strategies, you surely won’t miss opportunities to be a part of the useful conversations with your clients and members on social networking sites. In any case, if you are not present there, you might miss a lot out of those engaging conversations and might even miss chances to extend your marketing reach.

Participation in Social media Conversations is Important

It’s an undeniable truth that that social media sites today give you the opportunity to build customer relationships. This in turn results in the extensive growth of your business since you get the liberty to share contents and grow your audience here under this platform. In fact, this becomes your best and safest way to give rise to powerful marketing strategies through which you prosper and stay ahead of your rivals.

Picture Courtesy: socialpositives.com

Picture Courtesy: socialpositives.com

Where Email Marketing Wins over Social Media Marketing

It’s also true that emailing keeps you connected more intimately with your customers. Once your newsletter or email is opened by someone, he/she with undivided attention spends time in going through your document in the inbox. In fact, one preserves it permanently and can access it anytime. On archiving your email campaigns in the form of web page, you can see the content getting live forever. This rather adds credibility to your business.

3 Secrets Blending Social Media and Email Marketing with Perfection

Picture Courtesy:atlargeinc.com

Picture Courtesy:atlargeinc.com

Stay with your customers – It’s not easy to keep in mind which social media sites comprise the name of your preferred customers and clients. The tastes and preferences differ from one person to another when it comes to social networking. Just like there are networking sites designed for teenagers, professionals also keep posting information on similar sites meant for them only. So, you need to shape your researches in such a manner that can help you find your clients and viewers under the canopy of social networking.

Maintain an email list – One of the biggest secrets to get the snowball rolling from the social media mountain is to make use of the email list. This will help you acquire a global presence when you will be inviting your subscribers to follow you on social media platforms. Nowadays, web professionals make use of the SMTP service to exchange bulk emails with their clients. This no doubt enhances their relationship with their business partners.

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Invite people to visit your blog – Remember, if you consider your website to be your headquarter, the social media sites should act as your satellites. This rather lets you broaden your business presence on a global basis. So, the more you keep posting links and contents on your business website, the more is the number of visitors.

SMTP Service helps Your Marketing Strategies Hit Bull’s Eye!

In this age of cut throat business competition, emails are the number one method of communication for businessmen. Why is email communication so popular?

  • Emails are fast and convenient. Thousands of emails can easily be sent at the click of a mouse.
  • Marketing via emails is a relatively cheaper form of marketing.
  • Email marketing is not viewed as disruptive because emails reach the inbox of recipients and are read whenever he/she is ready to.

Email marketing has therefore, become the most lucrative marketing strategy. When businessmen rely so much on email marketing the last thing that they would want is to face any technical issues in email sending.

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But often sending emails why the normal email service providers such as Hotmail, YahooMail and Gmail have restrictions. They only allow a certain amount of emails to be sent out per day, once the limit is exceeded they get listed as spammers and their IP gets a bad reputation.

This is something that is not at all good for businessmen because limitations on sending emails curtail the number of prospective customers or clients they can reach out to on a daily basis. It’s for this reason that a number of clever businessmen are now opting for SMTP servers.

  • SMTP servers allow businessmen to send unlimited emails to individuals on a daily basis without being regarded as spammers or getting blacklisted.
  • Their IP reputation is maintained and their mails do not turn into junk. They further are able to keep an eye on the delivery of their emails and if certain users are blocking them or not or reporting them as spammers.
  • These updates when provided to senders help to make necessary changes and therefore, help to businessmen to make all the right moves.
  • Also businessmen do not have to worry if a particular email fails as it will automatically be sent over and again until it is successfully delivered.
  • If for some reason the email does not reach the recipient even after repeated attempts it means in all probability that the email address does not exist and accordingly the sender is notified.

How SMTP Acts as an Important Marketing Tool from SMTP Provider

An efficient SMTP service is what helps to make email marketing strategies a success.Its because of this service that:

  • All hassles relating to email communication are easily removed.
  • Emails are delivered at super fast speed therefore helping businessmen to keep in constant touch with their customers and clients. This fluid back and forth communication helps to build a loyal customer base for the businessman. In this way businessmen enjoy an edge over rivals.

Thus, an efficient SMTP service has boosted marketing strategies and helped businessmen to rake in unlimited profits.

Know-how about changing your SMTP Mail Server settings

People who use the Internet on a daily basis to send emails, often face one problem in common-they are unable to send them successfully to the intended recipients. Because individuals often find themselves helpless they start using their hotmail accounts to send messages but this too proves to be futile.

The right thing to do is to call in an expert as a computer engineer knows how to change the outgoing SMTP mail settings. When people start experiencing daily problems in sending bulk emails, it’s time to contact your SMTP Service Provider.

Why do people start facing this problem?

  • Individuals often start facing this problem when their net provider changes the way of email sending in their networks. Such changes have to be made in order to prevent problems such as phising, spamming and malware problems. Companies often have to erect a new wall of security to thwart the invasion of junk emails or incoming viruses. When your net provider changes its settings, it’s time to change your SMTP Mail Server settings as well.

Once the settings are changed in order to adapt to the new changes made by the net provider it becomes easy to once again send emails.

How do individuals change their SMTP Mail Server settings?

It’s hard to remember how to change the settings and it is for this reason that one should always call in an expert. If a user wants to install it himself then he has to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • He has to go into the ‘Account setting’ page and then change the settings on his email account.
  • In order to get set up a connection between the Outlook and the company’s server, it’s important to sign up with SMTP relay service.
  • Next comes the all important step of actually changing the outgoing SMTP Mail server settings in order to use the change as a pointer towards the service’s SMTP server. This change facilitates the flow of user’s sent mail from his regular mail server to wars Outlook. However,if emails have to be sent by Outlook then it requires the new SMTP relay.
  • Once the SMTP Mail server settings have been sent the user’s email address will remain the same as before but now he is capable of sending emails from any location on the globe provided he has a stable Internet connection.


Individuals who are worried that they will not be able to handle such installation by themselves need not be afraid because they can always contact their SMTP Service Provider and ask them to send over an expert.