“Email Automation” : The New Route To Profitable Business

Cost-Effective Email Marketing

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How to make more profit? How to establish a successful business? What is the most cost-effective marketing tool? The main agent of most business entity engage themselves in sorting the way for above query. The answer is uncomplicated. E-mail marketing is the most affordable and profit making instrument. It is not just a messaging tool but is considered as the most popular form of digital media. Business experts term e-mail automation as the most essential electronic communication. Read on.

Higher conversions

Higher Conversion Rates From Email Marketing

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Automation of e-mails has led to higher conversion rate. Birthday, renewal reminders, anniversary coupons has been resource of higher conversion. Automated marketing user friendly contents has even generated 200% higher conversion rates.

Types of automated mails

Types of Automated Emails

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There are different types of automated e-mails:
– Welcome e-mail: To thank the client or the customer for joining.
– Thank You e-mail: Thanking customer for buying products.
-Timed mail: Providing valuable information to the customer.
-Transactional e-mail: It is sent as receipts, bills and order confirmations. With transactional e-mail, recipients can purchase goods or services directly from an e-mail message, without being redirected to the retailer’s Web site.

Do’s for e-mail automation

Email Automation

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To obtain desirable results you are advised to keep in mind the following factors for successful email-marketing:
– content should be simple
– Warm and friendly
– Message should be brief and to the point

Increase your business with ‘Transactional e-mail’

The transactional e-mail is the most valuable of all the e-mail. As mail recipients directed to the website, hence it helps business to evolve.

Automated Transactional e-mails have much high open rate, thus, helping your business to grow. It helps you to attach promotional substantials enabling to receive more conversions with the e-mails.

Transactional Email Marketing

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Saving of money and time

Email Automation in Email Marketing Saves Time & Money

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Although Email marketing is the best profitable platform, you should always take the service from the industry experts. Apart from your social media activity we provide you to create and schedule automated e-mails. It brings down your existing marketing cost as well as the time.

Still planning?

Planning to raise the volume of email marketing

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Planning to increase the Email Marketing Volume

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Are you still planning to raise the volume of your business? I suggest don’t spend time on reasoning, instead get ready and step in to the world of e-mail marketing. Setup your automated e-mail campaign and rediscover your brand identity and reach the  unreachable. Get noticed and create more opportunity for your business to grow successfully.

Tell us how email automation has helped your business ? Feel free to add to the discussion by sharing your views and opinions.

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Have A Leverage Over Your Business With A Refined Email Marketing

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Image Source: bit.ly/1sQ1T1F

Email communication can be reckoned as one of the most favored communication media in present times, especially in the contemporary business scenario. Online marketers go with emails to perform their marketing errands. Of late, this direct marketing medium has been yielding higher benefits to the marketers and that is the reason why most online marketers abide by emailing.

Image Source: bit.ly/1Fp5b0Z

Image Source: bit.ly/1Fp5b0Z

Email Marketing & It’s Mighty Presence

Well what is Email Marketing? A robust communication that serves the purpose of direct marketing by means of electronic mail is all about email marketing.

The strong presence of email on the marketing arena is primarily because of its ability to cut the cost and lessen the time-consumption by a mile. In this context Jack Sturn, senior vice president of 4Cite, cited,

Image Source: linkd.in/1t4dkEh

Image Source: linkd.in/1t4dkEh

  –“Marketers are finding email marketing to be profitable as far as ROI,”–

Further explaining his view on the growth of email marketing, he commented that, the cost of putting a catalog in a mailbox is 50 cents, while sending an email at a penny or two makes the channel both cost effective and improves the chance of sale.

According to “E-Commerce Customer Acquisition Snapshot” this distinguished marketing medium grew from 0.88% of customers acquired in 2009 to 6.84% in 2013. Between 2011 and 2012, the numbers elevated from 2.64% to 5.34%, according to the report.

Besides, emailing has surfaced as an ideal way to reach among the clients spanning all over the world. However, there have been certain instances when marketers were not able to draw appropriate and desired benefits from email marketing. Hence there are some simple rules that have always been proved to be instrumental in deriving excellent results in your ROI.

    • Image Source: bit.ly/1rmHzji

      Image Source: bit.ly/1rmHzji

      Send Emails At Specific Times of the Day

You must understand that there are specific times in a day when people will have access to the mail that you send. You must also be aware of the various time zones around the world and the hours that the people devote to working in their respective offices.

Make sure to send them the emails at 9 in the morning since that is the time when people sit down to work and they come refreshed and energized for a new day of hard labor.

You can also send emails at 3pm or 4pm when the peak hour is over and it is time to tie loose ends and conclude for the day in a few hours. The clients and customers can prepare a new day’s agenda if you send them mail at this hour.

    • Keep The Content Brief But Informative

The content of your mail should not be too long. Brevity and relevance are two things that people seek so that they can accommodate whatever is required in a limited time.

The subject line should also be very terse so that it highlights the focal points of the body of the email.

Image Source: bit.ly/1FpscRs

Image Source: bit.ly/1FpscRs

    • Maintain The Interest Of The Reader

You should be able to make the reader curious to gain more information. You should present the fact that you value the emotions of customers.

    • Limit The Number Of Emails That You Send

Make sure that you don’t send a single recipient an infinite number of emails in a single day. It would confuse the receiver and would create a bad impression about your company.

  • Edit And Check Your Email Before You Send It

Make sure that the content is checked and edited before you send it to a customer. Don’t leave the unsubscribe option on top of the mail. Make sure that you forward your mail to many receivers. That ensures that your mail is genuine. Try to mix pictures and written information to give people an idea about anything that you would like to introduce to them.

But There are Pitfalls Too 

It is now quiet proven that email marketing is vastly used these days because half the world has gone online. We are mostly connected to the world through the internet. That is exactly why most email marketing campaigns are useful in reaching out to the masses.

Image Source: bit.ly/1wf77Eg

Image Source: bit.ly/1wf77Eg

However, email marketing too has its pitfalls. Mostly, what happens is that, due to unreliable mail servers, the emails that are sent out to clients and customers do not reach them. That is why, companies using the email marketing strategy, should always depend on an SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol servers for the outgoing mail facilities. These mail servers are highly reliable.

What To Say Finally

If you can follow and implement all these simple changes into your marketing scheme, then the rest is assured. People will truly appreciate your emails and their responses will be positive.

If you have any ideas that you would like to share with us then feel free to write to us.

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Configure SMTP on your iPad to Send out Email without any Hassle

With the advent of technology, a number of communication devices have come up in the market. More and more people these days prefer to use iPad for personal and professional communication purposes as well. If iPad is one of the most used devices, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is trusted by many for its hassle free and quick email delivery services.

By configuring SMTP on your iPad, you can make sure that emails are delivered on time and without any kind of hassle. In order to make your iPad mail client function and accurately deliver the emails, you should configure its SMTP settings.

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                         Image Source: bit.ly/RjNMlP

It is not surprising that iPad is being touted as one of the best tools for sending emails on the go. With great design and practicality, this device is excellent for the purpose of sending emails. However, you should remember the fact that normal SMTP server with your Hotmail or Gmail account needs to be configured every time internet connection is changed.

So, in order to keep away from such problem, you must switch to a professional SMTP service that is compatible with any type of ISP that makes it ideal to check the inbox on your iPad even while travelling.

Take a look at the steps that you need to follow while setting up an SMTP for your iPad

  • Select the option “Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
  • Provide the email account that you would use for sending emails, or you can also add a new one
  • Select SMTP under the Outgoing Mail Server option
  • Select Add Server, where you will need to provide host name, username and password
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  • You should provide following information:

Host name – You need to feed in the name of your SMTP server. If you do not know it, you can check the list of outgoing server parameters

Username – You need to fill in the email address through which you will send emails

Password – You can give the password of your choice

  • Once all the information has been given, iPad verifies your SMTP and then the details screen returns in front of you. Here, you need to select the Primary server and fill in the remaining specifications.

Server – Set “ON”

Use SSL – You need to set it off unless the SSL mode on your SMTP server is enabled

Authentication – You have to tap on it and select “Password” and enter your password

Server Port – Though default port is 25, but some ISPs do not use it because of the spam threat. So, you have the option to set another port

  • Now, click on done and start sending out emails

Outgoing SMTP server is now configured on your iPad. Now, you can send hassle free emails with the help of outgoing SMTP mail server. You can contact some professional SMTP service providers and avail their quality services.

Achieve the Fruitful Email Marketing Results With Competent SMTP Server

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Are you facing troubles in proper delivery of your emails? If yes, make sure to correctly configure the outgoing email settings for the server. Many people relying on emails for their personal and professional commitments face similar hurdles but when checked, they are found to have configured the email setting wrongly. On many other circumstances, the fault lies with the server they have configured for outgoing emails.

Smooth email communication is a dream of most online marketers but often times they fail to live up to their dreams. The adverse circumstances while sending emails occur mainly due to unavailability of a strong and effective email sever. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is considered as the most reliable and trustworthy email server to make sure that your dream of hassle free emailing comes true.

Whether you are a start-up or a big business organisation, email helps you always remain in touch with your clients. Installing SMTP as an outgoing email server offers you many advantages, some of which are being mentioned below.

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1cM1y3d

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1cM1y3d

Bulk Email Delivery Most email marketers prefer to send emails to their subscribers in bulk, as it offers them several advantages. Sending emails in bulk is not an easy task to do, as one has to keep watch on many things related to email sending. While other email servers do not provide assurance of strong IP server, SMTP does it with its expertise and latest technologies. Yes, sending bulk emails with the help of SMTP server is an out of the world experience for the email marketers. It also helps you save lots of time and money that could be invested in boosting other services of your organisation.

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1hsDY3w

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1hsDY3w

Reputation Building Just like in the real world, reputation of your business plays a key role in the development of your venture in online sector. But, for this, you need to avoid indulging in spamming. Always remember that the guidelines set up by the spam control are strict and even small negligence could trigger spamming through your emails. SMTP manages the IP to uplift your reputation in the online sector and assures successful email delivery every time you hit the send button.

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1lyU0ZL

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1lyU0ZL

Detailed Reporting The responsibility of email marketers’ does not end with sending emails. You need to keep track of the email sending reports and status updates. SMTP offers detailed reporting which leads to proper feedbacks from the recipients. With the help of this service, you would be able to know whether your email has been delivered, deferred, waiting in the queue, or something else. To go through the reporting details, you just need to access the control panel of your system.

Hence, SMTP is competent outgoing emails sever that makes sure that all your emails are properly delivered to the recipients. It offers several other benefits to the email marketers.

Configure SMTP on Your Gadget and Send Email without Any Hassle

Technological advancements have completely changed the way people in the modern times communicate with each other. Information delivery process has become easier and faster now. Besides medical and education field, a massive change has also taken place in the business sector.

Internet is undoubtedly the biggest innovation in modern times and has made a major impact globally. It has made the human life simpler and more fun. Information these days is shared over emails and social media. When it comes to relay of emails, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) plays a key role.

SMTP smoothen the email delivery process to reach the mails quickly to the inbox of recipients. Communication through emails is fastest and easiest. Dedicated SMTP server comes into play as soon as emails are sent. At first, it looks out for the domain name in the provided email address and subsequently, the delivery process is carried out in real quick time. So, for the smooth and effective email exchange between two same or different servers, installation of SMTP in your system is must.

Image Source: bit.ly/19uOe58

Image Source: bit.ly/19uOe58

However, you can sometimes encounter difficulties while email transaction. The turbulent email flow from your system can prove suicidal for your marketing campaign. It’s time that you run a check on the SMTP settings and reconfigure the SMTP set-up if necessary or ask for a free SMTP server setup program.

Also, you should find out a good third party SMTP email provider offering some valuable services. The SMTP server program offered by the reliable third party sources helps you maintain a smooth emailing and allows access to emails on various gadgets such as laptop, smart-phones, tablets and other compatible devices.

If your sole aim is to maintain smooth emailing, SMTP server is the best option available to you. The best thing is that it works without any network restrictions and there is no device. Additionally, SMTP offers several advantages such as no hidden costs, flexible email plans, support to different gadgets and multiple usages.

Hence, SMTP server is must for anybody into the online business sector. Find out a reliable third party SMTP provider to avail of best SMTP services.

How A Reliable SMTP Service Provider Affects Your Marketing Campaign?

Reliable and effective communication is need of the hour. However, many business owners repeatedly ignore the importance of effective communication in marketing of their products. Modern day businesses need effective internal as well as external communication. An effective internal communication helps the members of organisation cooperate with each other whereas external communication helps in establishing firm relationship with clients.

SMTP mail server ensures that businesses have strong hold over their internal as well as external communication. Several tools are provided to the businesses to control and modify their communication settings based on respective needs and requirements. An effective use of SMTP tools makes sure that your business communication is successful.

However, you should look out for a reliable SMTP service provider to ensure the success of your email marketing campaign. Follow a few tips to find out a trustworthy SMTP hosting service:

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                                    Image Source: bit.ly/1aYMuBA

• At first, you need to research on the services provided by the SMTP provider. You must discuss your needs and concerns with the service providers. Once you have known all the services, compare them with the services offered by other companies. Additionally, you need to know value of each service and support provided by the respective companies.

• Outsource the services from reliable and experienced SMTP provider. You can go through customer reviews, as existing and previous customers can give you reliable information on the services. Get in touch with business bureau to know about the authenticity of service provider. Some online communities are there to solve out computing related issues.

SMTP hosting or Outsourced SMTP services

Small and medium sized businesses can go for SMTP hosting but outsourced SMTP services also hold its value in the corporate sector. Outsourced SMTP services are sometimes also known by third party SMTP services.

However, businesses should consider short as well as long term cost associated with both the options. SMTP hosting can be useful in the short run but when it comes to long term usages, outsourced SMTP services are more useful and cost efficient.

SMTP server helps business ventures in effective email marketing campaign. So, research well and find out a reliable service provider to outsource SMTP services.