How To Boost Up Sales By 23% And To Get Higher Conversion Rates ?

Email Marketing

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E-mail marketing is not only the electronic way of marketing but also the compact and witty way in which a company represents itself. The proper method of e-mail marketing can pave the way towards the boost- up of sales by 23% and also the higher conversion rates.

The findings of the E-Mail Marketing Industry Census 2014

Sponsored by Adestra, the census found that the revenue from e-mail has increased by 28% in a year. The companies are in the process of attributing 23% of their total sales to the e-mail marketing channel. The average e-mail ROI spent for every dollar is $40.

Now, let us look at the three steps by which sales can be boosted up to 23% as well as higher conversion rates can be obtained:

1.Email append

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Often it is observed that the customers change their e-mail address. It is also found that the details of them is present but not their e-mail ID. These create a lot of problems.

An email append service is the solution. In this way, the e-mail adresses of the customers are enlisted according to their names. But how?


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If a third party database is matched against the pre-existing list of their names, then their e-mail addresses can be found and attached. With the help of this customers can be communicated in a cost-effective system; less active customers can be made busier; expenditure will be less by saving different mail costs and with the help of cross-sale and up-sale, sales can be increased from the existing database of e-mail.

2. Reverse email append

This is the opposite of the first. Here, the e-mail addresses are provided but not the details of the customers like their names; addresses etc. So, what is to be done?

Reverse Email Appending

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The reverse customer append is the way in which these records of the customers can be recorded. By multiple touch-points; by appending demographic and firmographic changes to the customer details; by segmenting the database in accordance to location helps in the attachment of such details to e-mail addresses.

What are the advantages? Personalised e-mails develop the click-through rate by 14% and the conversion rates also get 10% higher. The personalized promotional e-mails witness the transaction rates and revenue more than six times higher than that of the non-personalized variety. The personalised subject lines even deliver 26% higher unique open rates.

It is surprising that 94% of the companies say that personalisation performs an integrally valuable role in their success.

3. Validating and verifying e-mail

This is a crucial task to be done. For example e-mails are collected with less details like contact information or address and such e-mails are added in the database.

email Validation and Verification

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It results in tremendous problems.

In this step, an apt e-mail appending provider is required while sourcing the e-mails. It will run all the e-mails through validation and hygiene processes making them clean and deliverable. The process of validation identifies the addresses which are attached with spam-traps; invalid e-mails and domains; complainers; role accounts; hard bounces. It also removes duplicate e-mails and rectifies formatting errors.

Harmful and undeliverable e-mails can seriously affect e-mail marketing. It ends up in a damaged reputation of the sender which lead to blocking and blacklisting by the ISPs.

blocking and blacklisting by ISP

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Even the customers and the revenues may be lost.

According to the published reports, if an average bounce rate of 2% to 3% happens in every month, then it will result in losing 25 to 36 customers in a year. It happens because of address changes and other things.

Success is clearly seen if database is cleanly maintained

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‘Tower Data’ Says

“After implementing email validation, some companies have reported a 75% reduction in bounce rates and a 20% increase in open rates.  Higher open rates yield more sales, increased brand exposure, and better response rates to ads—and thus repeat advertisers and higher advertising rates.”

Success is inevitable if the database is cleanly maintained. All efforts will prove nothing if the customers don’t visit the e-mails. So, the database needs to be clean in order to cleanse the obstacles of the path towards success.

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