“Email Automation” : The New Route To Profitable Business

Cost-Effective Email Marketing

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How to make more profit? How to establish a successful business? What is the most cost-effective marketing tool? The main agent of most business entity engage themselves in sorting the way for above query. The answer is uncomplicated. E-mail marketing is the most affordable and profit making instrument. It is not just a messaging tool but is considered as the most popular form of digital media. Business experts term e-mail automation as the most essential electronic communication. Read on.

Higher conversions

Higher Conversion Rates From Email Marketing

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Automation of e-mails has led to higher conversion rate. Birthday, renewal reminders, anniversary coupons has been resource of higher conversion. Automated marketing user friendly contents has even generated 200% higher conversion rates.

Types of automated mails

Types of Automated Emails

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There are different types of automated e-mails:
– Welcome e-mail: To thank the client or the customer for joining.
– Thank You e-mail: Thanking customer for buying products.
-Timed mail: Providing valuable information to the customer.
-Transactional e-mail: It is sent as receipts, bills and order confirmations. With transactional e-mail, recipients can purchase goods or services directly from an e-mail message, without being redirected to the retailer’s Web site.

Do’s for e-mail automation

Email Automation

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To obtain desirable results you are advised to keep in mind the following factors for successful email-marketing:
– content should be simple
– Warm and friendly
– Message should be brief and to the point

Increase your business with ‘Transactional e-mail’

The transactional e-mail is the most valuable of all the e-mail. As mail recipients directed to the website, hence it helps business to evolve.

Automated Transactional e-mails have much high open rate, thus, helping your business to grow. It helps you to attach promotional substantials enabling to receive more conversions with the e-mails.

Transactional Email Marketing

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Saving of money and time

Email Automation in Email Marketing Saves Time & Money

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Although Email marketing is the best profitable platform, you should always take the service from the industry experts. Apart from your social media activity we provide you to create and schedule automated e-mails. It brings down your existing marketing cost as well as the time.

Still planning?

Planning to raise the volume of email marketing

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Planning to increase the Email Marketing Volume

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Are you still planning to raise the volume of your business? I suggest don’t spend time on reasoning, instead get ready and step in to the world of e-mail marketing. Setup your automated e-mail campaign and rediscover your brand identity and reach the  unreachable. Get noticed and create more opportunity for your business to grow successfully.

Tell us how email automation has helped your business ? Feel free to add to the discussion by sharing your views and opinions.

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Top Features of a Trustworthy SMTP Server

On the Online Marketing Diasporas, e-mailing is considered to be a chief medium to carry the campaign forward. An effective e-mailing service can bring greater benefits to the marketer. If e-mailing is carried out with utmost sincerity, a marketer can successfully entice greater number of visitors to their web pages.

Image Courtesy: dwindearborn.com

Image Courtesy: dwindearborn.com

However, for effectual e-mail marketing, one needs to be in support of efficient e-mail servers. Over the time, SMTP server has leapfrogged others in terms of quality and efficiency. Although, there are several service providers offering different services to the clients but you must research well before getting connected with any of the service providers.

SMTP is solely designed for web programmers, employees, business owners and others, who transact and communicate via e-mails. One can gain several advantages by opting for SMTP server.

You must always trust that service provider, who offers numerous qualitative services to you. Some of the tips are being mentioned below which you must abide by before choosing a reliable SMTP server.

Bulk e-mail delivery: The first and foremost service, you should look forward to is about the bulk e-mail delivery. Oftentimes, you need to send huge amount of e-mails to the prospective clients and to the existing clients as well. Sending messages in bulk can save lots of time and money for you.

Transactional e-mail delivery: While transacting e-mails that consist of crucial information, a lot depends upon the strong reputation of sender. An able and efficient service provider manages the sender’s reputation by employing active reputation IP management system.

Tracking Reporting and Stats: This is one of the most significant elements of SMTP services. You must choose a SMTP server that offers maximum visibility of status report regarding the sent messages.

Image courtesy:turnkeywebtools.com

Image courtesy:turnkeywebtools.com

Cloud SMTP: The service provider must offer latest cloud computing technology to you. With the help of this feature, better e-mail delivery with increased assurances is ensured.


Reputation of Sender (IP): This feature is offered to manage the reputation of senders’ IP addresses. If your IP address does not enjoy a trustworthy reputation, e-mail delivery might get hindered and oftentimes, leads to the spam mails.

Committed IP Services: A lot in e-mailing process depend upon IP addresses. Majority of the time, senders face difficulty in transacting bulk e-mails due to unavailability of committed IP services. A reliable SMTP server must offer this feature to ensure better delivery of bulk e-mails.

Affordability: Besides having such quality features, a prominent SMTP server must offer the entire services at cheaper and affordable cost.

Image Courtesy: newgeography.com

Image Courtesy: newgeography.com

To know more about features and services of SMTP server, visit the site of prominent service provider. Onto the site, you can gather enough information, which might help you in choosing a reliable SMTP server.