Australian Content Marketers Rely on E-mails for a Wide Outreach

Remember, it’s the age where technology rules the roost; internet has amended its way into all walks of life. The significance and importance of internet is largely being felt in the market that is thriving online.

Content marketing is the next big thing down under Australia, whether it is B2B or B2C business communities, both are in need of online content marketing.

Recently, almost 200 marketers from around the Australia congregated at Content Marketing World Sydney event. Altogether 23 speakers put their views in 24 sessions that included 2 workshops; the data is only for B2B conference.

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Various topics were discussed and Twitter happenings were on top of the chart.

Of late, Australia has become hub in the content marketing world, the country ranks rank higher than their North American counterparts.

Recently, in the joint effort from the Content Marketing institute and Association for data-driven marketing and advertising, Content Marketing in Australia published its first report that has some interest details and information to publish.

According to the report, e-mail marketing has a pivotal role to play in content marketing in Australia.

Content is at the centre-stage of e-mail marketing

Almost 96 percent of Australian marketers in the Australia use content marketing and on an average 12 marketing strategies are used by them.

E-mail newsletters are used as third most popular strategy by the Australian content marketers.

Though the marketers require clean database, ability to deliver on time and catchy e-mail design but at the end of day, content is king and attracts readers and consumers to the online business.

Out of many e-messaging ways, e-newsletters are one and another platform with high rewards is auto-responders.

How to improve content marketing

Although the report comes out with several ways and means to improve content marketing in Australia but here are some top pick

  • Integrating different content marketing strategies, such as e-newsletters, product releases and SMS can bring in positive result and more visitors.
  • Social media offers a great platform to the online market. A marketer should ask people to share the messages across different platforms.
  • Almost 92.5 percent of Australian marketers personalise their content that brings a positive growth to the business venture.

Spreading awareness about the brand is on top of Australian marketers’ mind and it’s their ultimate goal. The next thing they look forward to is engaging customers to their website.

It’s not always easy to come up with relevant and engaging content, as it’s not easy and consumes lots of time. Almost 71 percent of Australian marketers find themselves ineffectual with the content marketing.

In a nutshell, e-mail marketing remains at the centre-stage of Australian content marketing stage.