What Email Trends Should We Expect to See in 2013?

What does one do at the start of a new year? Well, besides making resolutions, they adopt new work strategies that can help them do good business throughout the entire year. Well, the same applies to businesses that use email marketing. It’s important to have a fair idea of what will be the trends in the New Year so that one can establish a connection with customers in the most meaningful manner.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

We tell you what will be some of the biggest trends to affect email strategies in the New Year:

Transactional email volumes will increase: In the New Year a number of business organizations plan on increasing their email budgets. Since the very beginning, the volume of transactional emails has increased by leaps and bounds. The number of businesses making use of emails for transactional purposes has increased. And this is all because of one reason-emails have the amazing ability to sell!

The cloud is where more emails are moving: Another interesting trend is that a greater number of companies are moving portions of their email infrastructure systems to the cloud for its flexibility, reach and affordability. Businesses both large and small feel that cloud based email systems are so much easier to handle and use. Organizations can choose either a hybrid or a full scale solution, they can move some or all their email systems to cloud based systems. Either way they will find be reaping value and cost benefits by opting to create a more nimble architecture that streamlines costs and increases efficiencies.

Mobile needs to be joined to email: With smart phones making their way into the hearts and homes of individuals, 88% of people check emails on their mobiles on a daily basis. However,many organizations do not have a mobile strategy in place for email. Even worse than this piece of news, is the fact that an alarming percentage of these companies do not know how many of their emails were opened on smartphones. Companies need to wake up and focus on mobile because a majority of users would close or delete an email that was not optimized for mobile. Therefore, the success of any email program is dependent upon how responsive it is to mobile.

Emails must be filled with dynamic content: Emails are going to be a failure unless they deliver relevant content. One needs to undertake even more research to be able personalize and customize communications that will secure readers attention and interaction. Behavioral information alone when obtained helps to compartmentalize and produce dynamic content.

Developers will grow stronger: Forbes Magazine has stated that the number of developers has gone up by 7 % since 2012 and by 2020 they are expected to increase by up to 30% if they continue on the same track. Companies need tech savvy individuals to create solutions that leverage big data and are able to drive revenue for mobile and social channels.

                                                  Source: smtpnews.blog.com via Roger on Pinterest


These trends are going to impact email marketing in 2013 and organizations using email marketing should definitely implement them. Use of an affordable SMTP service provider will further make it possible to send mass mails easily and effectively.