5 Smart Features that make SMTP a Reliable Email Server

In today’s world, what professionals look for is the effectiveness and reliability of a gadget or tool that can fasten up business transactions within an organization and consequently help them execute their work with perfection and confidence. Since businesses related to digital marketing are currently on the rise, web professionals require efficient and trustworthy emailing services without which they won’t be able to conduct their business activities with ease.

So, we have brought an amazing and dependable solution for all those who keep facing problems while sending bulk emails at a time. The solution is none other than Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It’s an advanced server having a wide range of exclusive features and therefore assures to make your emailing experience better and faster like you have never experienced before. So, if you have been looking for a reliable emailing server, SMTP no doubt is a high scoring option.


Now, take a look at the features of SMTP server that absolutely make it stand out from the crowd in terms of reliability:

  • Bulk email delivery – Digital marketing professionals will no longer face tough times in delivering promotional emails as well as newsletters to their recipient’s inbox. A powerful feature in the name of spam control takes the initiative to get rid of junk delivery emails without taking any organizational time, expense or resource.
  • Sending transactional emails – Transactional emails are usually connected to vital business applications comprising billing invoices, sales recipients, reservation bookings, customer service tickets etc. The SMTP server has been designed in such a manner that it will be able to sustain a healthy sender reputation for transactional customers. The entire thing will be executed through the reputation management of IP.
  • Track reports and statistics – As mentioned earlier, the SMTP provider is so advanced that you can now view all the reports and statuses of all your sent emails. Once you access the control panel of the server, you will be able to view the status. In fact, the statistical report will give you everything right from complaints and deferment to delivery and queue reports.
  • Cloud SMTP – The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol has been designed based on the new cloud computing technology. This will help you enjoy quality emailing experience and too with complete assurance.
  • Sender IP Reputation – If you play a key role in the world of communication as a web professional, you will be identified through your IP address of that specific email server. So, it’s the reputation of that address which will speak about the success or failure of email delivery.

So, if you are willing to get SMTP for your computer, laptop or smart phone, you can always contact us here at smtpprovider.com. If you want to talk to a SMTP service provider, you can always visit us and we will surely help you make your emailing experiences better leaving your satisfied.