6 Fantastic Android Mail Apps to Access your Email on the go

Technology these days is advancing at such speed that we have to keep up with it. Or so we think. We do not have to keep up with technology, but technology has to keep up with our daily requirements, it has to speed up in such a way that it can make life easier for us. Therefore, coming up new innovations every day has become a necessity.

These days, almost everyone has a smartphone. Smartphones help us communicate with our loved ones better; they help us organize office work in such a manner that it becomes easy for us to access office work without having to switch on the computer or laptop. Android phones are the most common phones in use and the most common feature we use on smartphones is ‘email’. Therefore, we need good email apps to access our personal and professional email accounts. Here are a few mail apps that are really good.

K-9 Mail

This app is an email client that has an open-source and has the following features:

  • IMAP push mail
  • Flagging
  • Search
  • Filing
  • Multiple folder sync
  • PGP
  • Supports IMAP, POP3, etc
Image courtesy: support.nirix.com

Image courtesy: support.nirix.com


  • Supports popular email services like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.
  • Automatic set-up
  • Supports IMAP, POP3, SMTP
  • If SMTP/IMAP is enabled it supports corporate servers like Lotus Notes and Exchange.

Tip: If you are availing of SMTP services, make sure that you are connected to a trustworthy SMTP provider.

Image courtesy: http://wehaslinks.com/

Image courtesy: http://wehaslinks.com/

Enhanced Email

  • Lightweight email app
  • Good for personal and professional use
  • High priced
Image courtesy: androidjuzz.blogspot.in

Image courtesy: androidjuzz.blogspot.in


  • Ad-supported push mail
  • Can be customized
  • Attachments can be saved and downloaded to SD using a file explorer
Image courtesy: fastmail.fm

Image courtesy: fastmail.fm


  • One of the best multi-mail apps
  • Supports Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo
  • For HTML mails you can pinch to zoom in
  • Has full screen mode
  • Enables you to receive and send mails using IMAP, POP3 and SMTP
  • Helps you attach image files to your mails
Image Courtesy: androidpit.com

Image Courtesy: androidpit.com

Exchange by TouchDown

  • Best app for Microsoft Outlook or Exchange users
  • Can be used for POP3, IMAP and Webdav
  • All versions of Android support it
  • It joins together the contacts on phone
  • For those who use Outlook, you can get your calendar, contacts and tasks together
  • The only downside is that it is highly priced
Image Courtesy: androidguys.com

Image Courtesy: androidguys.com

These mail apps that supports SMTP have made it easy for users to access their email accounts from anywhere, at any time.