Configuring SMTP is very Essential for a Smooth and Effective Networking

SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is an electronic mail’s Internet Standard for transmission of emails across Internet Protocol network. You should choose the host and the port of your mail server while Configuring SMTP server which is used to send text messages and mails. Now test by sending a message to an email address. There is option to choose a different email address for ‘from’ headers of the tested message. Monitoring agent will be sending it and will also choose whether to PING the SMTP server during a test.

SMTP services

The service is provided by IIS. It is a simple component used for transferring mails. The message delivery is initiated by sending the mail to SMTP server which is designated. The SMTP server starts communicating with the Domain Name System (DNS) server, based on the domain name of recipient e-mail address. Looking up it returns the host name of the SMTP server destined for that domain.

Now, on port 25 the destination SMTP server is communicated by originating SMTP server directly by Transmission Control Protocol or Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). The original e-mail message is transferred to the recipient server only if the user name given in the email address matches with the authorized user account and destination server.

The message can be transferred through one or more SMTP relay server if the originating server fails to communicate with the destination server directly. The original message is received by relay server which delivers it to the destined server then. The process continues until the message is delivered.

SMTP doesn’t exist by default. You need to install the SMTP server by going into the Control Panel. Installation creates a defaulted SMTP server setting which you can later customize to your needs with the help of IIS Manager.

SMTP server settings

SMTP server is used by various mail user agents. These are: Outlook 2003 and 2007, Windows Live Mail 2011, MAC Outlook 2011, Mail Evolution, Eudora OSE, Fast Email Sender, MAC Mail, Send Blaster, Mozilla Thunderbird and Eudora Mail.

SMTP server settings for Outlook 2007

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• Open Outlook

• Select Account Settings from Tool menu

• Go to Account Settings

• Click New on the E-mail tab

• Select Manually configure server settings or additional server types

• Click next

• Select Internet E-mail and click Next

• Enter the information required for an email account – your name, email address, account type (POP3), outgoing mail server (SMTP), user name and password

Click more settings

• Check the box labeled My Outgoing Server by clicking on the outgoing server tab. It requires authentication

• Now choose to use same setting for my incoming mail server

Click on advanced tab and set numbers 110 under POP3 and 25 under SMTP

• Click ok

• Click next

• Click finish

Similarly, SMTP server settings can be done for other user agents also.