Configure SMTP on your iPad to Send out Email without any Hassle

With the advent of technology, a number of communication devices have come up in the market. More and more people these days prefer to use iPad for personal and professional communication purposes as well. If iPad is one of the most used devices, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is trusted by many for its hassle free and quick email delivery services.

By configuring SMTP on your iPad, you can make sure that emails are delivered on time and without any kind of hassle. In order to make your iPad mail client function and accurately deliver the emails, you should configure its SMTP settings.

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It is not surprising that iPad is being touted as one of the best tools for sending emails on the go. With great design and practicality, this device is excellent for the purpose of sending emails. However, you should remember the fact that normal SMTP server with your Hotmail or Gmail account needs to be configured every time internet connection is changed.

So, in order to keep away from such problem, you must switch to a professional SMTP service that is compatible with any type of ISP that makes it ideal to check the inbox on your iPad even while travelling.

Take a look at the steps that you need to follow while setting up an SMTP for your iPad

  • Select the option “Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
  • Provide the email account that you would use for sending emails, or you can also add a new one
  • Select SMTP under the Outgoing Mail Server option
  • Select Add Server, where you will need to provide host name, username and password
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  • You should provide following information:

Host name – You need to feed in the name of your SMTP server. If you do not know it, you can check the list of outgoing server parameters

Username – You need to fill in the email address through which you will send emails

Password – You can give the password of your choice

  • Once all the information has been given, iPad verifies your SMTP and then the details screen returns in front of you. Here, you need to select the Primary server and fill in the remaining specifications.

Server – Set “ON”

Use SSL – You need to set it off unless the SSL mode on your SMTP server is enabled

Authentication – You have to tap on it and select “Password” and enter your password

Server Port – Though default port is 25, but some ISPs do not use it because of the spam threat. So, you have the option to set another port

  • Now, click on done and start sending out emails

Outgoing SMTP server is now configured on your iPad. Now, you can send hassle free emails with the help of outgoing SMTP mail server. You can contact some professional SMTP service providers and avail their quality services.


How to make sure that Your Emails are properly Delivered and Read by Recipients?

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Email marketing has become one of the most popular marketing methods in present times. The latest developments in the technology sector have boosted the usages of emails as a marketing weapon. It’s because of the offered reliability and flexibility in the marketing campaign that emails is considered more useful and profitable option in online marketing world.

It is essential for email marketers to design their emails at their best to stay clear from the spam filters. However, even the best designed emails sometimes fail to reach the inboxes of recipients. If anything similar occurs with the email relay from your system, you need to look seriously into the mail set up in your SMTP server.

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to find a reliable server provider to set up mail in SMTP server of your system. By doing so, you are able to send email freely and without any worry. Additionally, you are provided with several different plans to choose from. Reliable SMTP server is compatible with almost every popular email application and can be set up by following simple and easy steps.

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Moreover, here are some more proven practices to help you ensure that your emails make it successfully to the inbox of your subscribers.

Do not rely on Images while Designing your Email – Most times, readers do turn off image for security reasons. You can avoid this from happening by focussing on HTML code and choosing images carefully. By doing so, you can make sure that your emails are being delivered to multiple recipients. Always keep in mind to depend more on texts than images while designing your email.

Avoid the use of CSS – You should try to avoid the CSS support because it differs among the email clients. Instead of CSS, you can make use of standard HTML, irrespective of the flexibility offered by CSS. In case you have to consider using CSS, make sure to link it to the email and steer clear of embedding.

Make Sure to Double Check the Code – Make sure that all the tags and valid are closed and the code is clean. It helps you avoid the activation of spam filters.

Fit in a Browser Link in your Message – Make sure to give your email recipients an easy access to your messages. Slot in a link in your message, as it helps recipients view your mail in the browser of their choice.

These are some easy tips to make sure that your emails are being delivered effectively and recipients are able to view your messages without facing any sort of hassle.

Spamming Impossible with SMTP Authentication

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Businesses communicate with clients and partners through emails and just because they send out mails in bulk, most of them use SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol mail servers. SMTP servers help in sending out mails in a quick and cost efficient way. The configuration of SMTP authentication is important so that the problem of spamming does not occur. Here is an explanation stating how authentication works and why it is necessary. Take a look at the mechanics of SMTP authentication.


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How does authentication function?

SMTP authentication is required when the email is sent. When an email is being composed, one needs to provide the correct password and email address to authenticate the email. When you send out the mail, ISP checks the destination of the email and then relays the mail to the recipient’s mail server. This is called SMTP relay or simply, email relay. Basically what happens is that SMTP authentication checks if you are allowed to send email from that account.

Why is SMTP authentication needed?

From the explanation already given, it is clear to us, that to send an email one has to provide a legitimate password and email address. On a web server, things are a little different. Servers usually have SMTP enabled on it by default and a local host is used. However, local host SMTP does not need any authentication. This is a huge problem because by simplifying the programming, we also allow people to misuse the service. Some people may use the service for sending bulk mail and in the process they might even spam. With this, not only will the server slow down but it might also get blacklisted for spam by leading ISPs and the other users of the server won’t be able to send out emails anymore.

This problem is perfectly solved with SMTP authentication. Bulk email SMTP servers should have it installed so that the server cannot be misused and spam mails aren’t sent out. With authentication, the user is required to give the right SMTP identification in coding. This way the mail sent out will be sent via real email servers. This way you will have to abide by strict rules, daily quotas and spam filters. So basically, SMTP authentication protects both, the mail server and the web. This is the reason why hosting providers these days, don’t allow the use of local host SMTP. Authentication allows the reputation of the server to stay shielded.

Know-how about changing your SMTP Mail Server settings

People who use the Internet on a daily basis to send emails, often face one problem in common-they are unable to send them successfully to the intended recipients. Because individuals often find themselves helpless they start using their hotmail accounts to send messages but this too proves to be futile.

The right thing to do is to call in an expert as a computer engineer knows how to change the outgoing SMTP mail settings. When people start experiencing daily problems in sending bulk emails, it’s time to contact your SMTP Service Provider.

Why do people start facing this problem?

  • Individuals often start facing this problem when their net provider changes the way of email sending in their networks. Such changes have to be made in order to prevent problems such as phising, spamming and malware problems. Companies often have to erect a new wall of security to thwart the invasion of junk emails or incoming viruses. When your net provider changes its settings, it’s time to change your SMTP Mail Server settings as well.

Once the settings are changed in order to adapt to the new changes made by the net provider it becomes easy to once again send emails.

How do individuals change their SMTP Mail Server settings?

It’s hard to remember how to change the settings and it is for this reason that one should always call in an expert. If a user wants to install it himself then he has to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • He has to go into the ‘Account setting’ page and then change the settings on his email account.
  • In order to get set up a connection between the Outlook and the company’s server, it’s important to sign up with SMTP relay service.
  • Next comes the all important step of actually changing the outgoing SMTP Mail server settings in order to use the change as a pointer towards the service’s SMTP server. This change facilitates the flow of user’s sent mail from his regular mail server to wars Outlook. However,if emails have to be sent by Outlook then it requires the new SMTP relay.
  • Once the SMTP Mail server settings have been sent the user’s email address will remain the same as before but now he is capable of sending emails from any location on the globe provided he has a stable Internet connection.

Individuals who are worried that they will not be able to handle such installation by themselves need not be afraid because they can always contact their SMTP Service Provider and ask them to send over an expert.