How to make sure that Your Emails are properly Delivered and Read by Recipients?

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Email marketing has become one of the most popular marketing methods in present times. The latest developments in the technology sector have boosted the usages of emails as a marketing weapon. It’s because of the offered reliability and flexibility in the marketing campaign that emails is considered more useful and profitable option in online marketing world.

It is essential for email marketers to design their emails at their best to stay clear from the spam filters. However, even the best designed emails sometimes fail to reach the inboxes of recipients. If anything similar occurs with the email relay from your system, you need to look seriously into the mail set up in your SMTP server.

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to find a reliable server provider to set up mail in SMTP server of your system. By doing so, you are able to send email freely and without any worry. Additionally, you are provided with several different plans to choose from. Reliable SMTP server is compatible with almost every popular email application and can be set up by following simple and easy steps.

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Moreover, here are some more proven practices to help you ensure that your emails make it successfully to the inbox of your subscribers.

Do not rely on Images while Designing your Email – Most times, readers do turn off image for security reasons. You can avoid this from happening by focussing on HTML code and choosing images carefully. By doing so, you can make sure that your emails are being delivered to multiple recipients. Always keep in mind to depend more on texts than images while designing your email.

Avoid the use of CSS – You should try to avoid the CSS support because it differs among the email clients. Instead of CSS, you can make use of standard HTML, irrespective of the flexibility offered by CSS. In case you have to consider using CSS, make sure to link it to the email and steer clear of embedding.

Make Sure to Double Check the Code – Make sure that all the tags and valid are closed and the code is clean. It helps you avoid the activation of spam filters.

Fit in a Browser Link in your Message – Make sure to give your email recipients an easy access to your messages. Slot in a link in your message, as it helps recipients view your mail in the browser of their choice.

These are some easy tips to make sure that your emails are being delivered effectively and recipients are able to view your messages without facing any sort of hassle.

Stay in Hunt with E-mail Security Features of Reliable SMTP Server

Since the time internet was invented, communication process has become fast and effective. E-mails are now most viable communication medium throughout the globe. The business and commerce sector need e-mails at the most. Into the present times, mailing ensures success of marketing campaigns and it might not yield desired results in the absence of proper security features.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, in short SMTP, is one of the most popular servers in the present times. Getting connected with this server eases the e-mailing process and make sure that you remain connected with your clients, even while you are on the move. 

To make e-mailing safe and secure, offers several key security features. Now, you can wish for a highly rated SMTP server from this SMTP service provider. 

Take a look at security features of a reliable Smtp provider that makes it stand out in the league. 

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

This cryptographic protocol is responsible to look after internet communication security, including sent and received e-mails. Asymmetric cryptography authenticates key exchange while confidentiality is ensured by symmetric encryption and message authentication codes are used for message integrity. Different versions of SSL protocol ensure security of various applications, such as web browsing, internet faxing, VoIP, instant messaging and e-mail.

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Most computer systems face bug related problems. Antivirus is used to fix the bugs and other malware. Oftentimes, these bugs remain undetected due to ineffective support of anti-viruses. To make it easy for e-mailers in sending and receiving mails, offers a highly competent and trusted anti-virus.
Amavis antivirus

This antivirus works as e-mail content filter and also implements e-mail transfer, decode e-mails and protect e-mails and system from spam, viruses and malware. Amavis antivirus is trusted for detecting viruses, spam and also indentifies syntax errors effectively. Besides, it helps in generating DKIM signatures, verifying DKIM signatures and offers DKIM-supported white-listing.

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Most e-mail marketers frequently face spam-related worries. Spamming has caused failure to lots of e-mail marketing campaign. To check spamming in effective manner, equips itself with SpamAssassin computer program. 


This program offers effective support in preventing e-mail spam and filtering e-mail contents. To check on spam, various detection techniques are used. Its integration with SMTP e-mail server helps in keeping inboxes tidy and clean by automatic filtration of all mails. 

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All the security features are up-to-date and offers enhanced layer of security to your e-mails and computer system. They can help you to keep the flag of your marketing campaign flying high.

6 Fantastic Android Mail Apps to Access your Email on the go

Technology these days is advancing at such speed that we have to keep up with it. Or so we think. We do not have to keep up with technology, but technology has to keep up with our daily requirements, it has to speed up in such a way that it can make life easier for us. Therefore, coming up new innovations every day has become a necessity.

These days, almost everyone has a smartphone. Smartphones help us communicate with our loved ones better; they help us organize office work in such a manner that it becomes easy for us to access office work without having to switch on the computer or laptop. Android phones are the most common phones in use and the most common feature we use on smartphones is ‘email’. Therefore, we need good email apps to access our personal and professional email accounts. Here are a few mail apps that are really good.

K-9 Mail

This app is an email client that has an open-source and has the following features:

  • IMAP push mail
  • Flagging
  • Search
  • Filing
  • Multiple folder sync
  • PGP
  • Supports IMAP, POP3, etc
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  • Supports popular email services like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.
  • Automatic set-up
  • Supports IMAP, POP3, SMTP
  • If SMTP/IMAP is enabled it supports corporate servers like Lotus Notes and Exchange.

Tip: If you are availing of SMTP services, make sure that you are connected to a trustworthy SMTP provider.

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Enhanced Email

  • Lightweight email app
  • Good for personal and professional use
  • High priced
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  • Ad-supported push mail
  • Can be customized
  • Attachments can be saved and downloaded to SD using a file explorer
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  • One of the best multi-mail apps
  • Supports Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo
  • For HTML mails you can pinch to zoom in
  • Has full screen mode
  • Enables you to receive and send mails using IMAP, POP3 and SMTP
  • Helps you attach image files to your mails
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Exchange by TouchDown

  • Best app for Microsoft Outlook or Exchange users
  • Can be used for POP3, IMAP and Webdav
  • All versions of Android support it
  • It joins together the contacts on phone
  • For those who use Outlook, you can get your calendar, contacts and tasks together
  • The only downside is that it is highly priced
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These mail apps that supports SMTP have made it easy for users to access their email accounts from anywhere, at any time.