Have A Leverage Over Your Business With A Refined Email Marketing

Image Source: bit.ly/1sQ1T1F

Image Source: bit.ly/1sQ1T1F

Email communication can be reckoned as one of the most favored communication media in present times, especially in the contemporary business scenario. Online marketers go with emails to perform their marketing errands. Of late, this direct marketing medium has been yielding higher benefits to the marketers and that is the reason why most online marketers abide by emailing.

Image Source: bit.ly/1Fp5b0Z

Image Source: bit.ly/1Fp5b0Z

Email Marketing & It’s Mighty Presence

Well what is Email Marketing? A robust communication that serves the purpose of direct marketing by means of electronic mail is all about email marketing.

The strong presence of email on the marketing arena is primarily because of its ability to cut the cost and lessen the time-consumption by a mile. In this context Jack Sturn, senior vice president of 4Cite, cited,

Image Source: linkd.in/1t4dkEh

Image Source: linkd.in/1t4dkEh

  –“Marketers are finding email marketing to be profitable as far as ROI,”–

Further explaining his view on the growth of email marketing, he commented that, the cost of putting a catalog in a mailbox is 50 cents, while sending an email at a penny or two makes the channel both cost effective and improves the chance of sale.

According to “E-Commerce Customer Acquisition Snapshot” this distinguished marketing medium grew from 0.88% of customers acquired in 2009 to 6.84% in 2013. Between 2011 and 2012, the numbers elevated from 2.64% to 5.34%, according to the report.

Besides, emailing has surfaced as an ideal way to reach among the clients spanning all over the world. However, there have been certain instances when marketers were not able to draw appropriate and desired benefits from email marketing. Hence there are some simple rules that have always been proved to be instrumental in deriving excellent results in your ROI.

    • Image Source: bit.ly/1rmHzji

      Image Source: bit.ly/1rmHzji

      Send Emails At Specific Times of the Day

You must understand that there are specific times in a day when people will have access to the mail that you send. You must also be aware of the various time zones around the world and the hours that the people devote to working in their respective offices.

Make sure to send them the emails at 9 in the morning since that is the time when people sit down to work and they come refreshed and energized for a new day of hard labor.

You can also send emails at 3pm or 4pm when the peak hour is over and it is time to tie loose ends and conclude for the day in a few hours. The clients and customers can prepare a new day’s agenda if you send them mail at this hour.

    • Keep The Content Brief But Informative

The content of your mail should not be too long. Brevity and relevance are two things that people seek so that they can accommodate whatever is required in a limited time.

The subject line should also be very terse so that it highlights the focal points of the body of the email.

Image Source: bit.ly/1FpscRs

Image Source: bit.ly/1FpscRs

    • Maintain The Interest Of The Reader

You should be able to make the reader curious to gain more information. You should present the fact that you value the emotions of customers.

    • Limit The Number Of Emails That You Send

Make sure that you don’t send a single recipient an infinite number of emails in a single day. It would confuse the receiver and would create a bad impression about your company.

  • Edit And Check Your Email Before You Send It

Make sure that the content is checked and edited before you send it to a customer. Don’t leave the unsubscribe option on top of the mail. Make sure that you forward your mail to many receivers. That ensures that your mail is genuine. Try to mix pictures and written information to give people an idea about anything that you would like to introduce to them.

But There are Pitfalls Too 

It is now quiet proven that email marketing is vastly used these days because half the world has gone online. We are mostly connected to the world through the internet. That is exactly why most email marketing campaigns are useful in reaching out to the masses.

Image Source: bit.ly/1wf77Eg

Image Source: bit.ly/1wf77Eg

However, email marketing too has its pitfalls. Mostly, what happens is that, due to unreliable mail servers, the emails that are sent out to clients and customers do not reach them. That is why, companies using the email marketing strategy, should always depend on an SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol servers for the outgoing mail facilities. These mail servers are highly reliable.

What To Say Finally

If you can follow and implement all these simple changes into your marketing scheme, then the rest is assured. People will truly appreciate your emails and their responses will be positive.

If you have any ideas that you would like to share with us then feel free to write to us.

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Communicating made more Affordable through SMTP Services

In this technology driven world, we cannot think of moving an inch without technical aid. We almost race against time to meet deadlines and life has become very fast in general. In this fast paced life it is impossible to communicate with people all around the world using the traditional postal service or snail mail. This mode of communication is not only time consuming but also very expensive.

With the advancement of technology, the email service came into being. Through this service people could communicate with each other in lightning speed. Using emails, we can communicate with anyone in any part of the world. The world of business and commerce was benefitted the most with the email service. If you come to think of it, without the email service the corporate world would be crippled if not paralyzed. Now, businesses are blossoming because communication has become easier and faster. Hundreds of important deals are now finalized over email. This would be very expensive if it was telephonic and many companies could run at a loss.

Image Source: bit.ly/O9stgj

                                  Image Source: bit.ly/O9stgj

Businesses swear by SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol servers to send their mails. This service is preferred due to the advantages of SMTP Mail Servers. Here’s how SMTP servers are better than the rest.

Bulk Mail

Most corporate plan their marketing campaigns online these days. One of the most effective tools of online marketing is email marketing. Through email marketing, mails and newsletters are sent in bulk to thousands of customers and clients all at once. Mails can be sent in bulk only through SMTP servers. Therefore, leading corporate houses use SMTP services to make sure that their emails reach the recipient’s inbox, directly.

Avoid Spam

An email marketing campaign can crash badly if all the email reaches the recipients as spam or junk mail. However, SMTP servers make sure that your emails do not land up as spam on reaching the recipients. Therefore, SMTP servers are trusted when it comes to ‘zero spam’.

Tracking Emails

Another feature of SMTP servers, which has won appreciation, is its email tracking service. Now, you can track your emails till they are delivered to the inbox of the recipients. So, now you can find out whether your mail has been delivered, is in queue, has bounced or is deferred. You can also find out how your recipients have responded to the emails on reception. This advantage help you find out, whether or not your email marketing campaign has worked.

There are various other reasons as to why SMTP mail servers are used by people and preferred by businesses and corporate houses. However, these three points are the most important along with the fact that SMTP services are cost effective.

SMTP Service helps Your Marketing Strategies Hit Bull’s Eye!

In this age of cut throat business competition, emails are the number one method of communication for businessmen. Why is email communication so popular?

  • Emails are fast and convenient. Thousands of emails can easily be sent at the click of a mouse.
  • Marketing via emails is a relatively cheaper form of marketing.
  • Email marketing is not viewed as disruptive because emails reach the inbox of recipients and are read whenever he/she is ready to.

Email marketing has therefore, become the most lucrative marketing strategy. When businessmen rely so much on email marketing the last thing that they would want is to face any technical issues in email sending.

                                          Source: smtpprovider.wordpress.com via Roger on Pinterest


But often sending emails why the normal email service providers such as Hotmail, YahooMail and Gmail have restrictions. They only allow a certain amount of emails to be sent out per day, once the limit is exceeded they get listed as spammers and their IP gets a bad reputation.

This is something that is not at all good for businessmen because limitations on sending emails curtail the number of prospective customers or clients they can reach out to on a daily basis. It’s for this reason that a number of clever businessmen are now opting for SMTP servers.

  • SMTP servers allow businessmen to send unlimited emails to individuals on a daily basis without being regarded as spammers or getting blacklisted.
  • Their IP reputation is maintained and their mails do not turn into junk. They further are able to keep an eye on the delivery of their emails and if certain users are blocking them or not or reporting them as spammers.
  • These updates when provided to senders help to make necessary changes and therefore, help to businessmen to make all the right moves.
  • Also businessmen do not have to worry if a particular email fails as it will automatically be sent over and again until it is successfully delivered.
  • If for some reason the email does not reach the recipient even after repeated attempts it means in all probability that the email address does not exist and accordingly the sender is notified.

How SMTP Acts as an Important Marketing Tool from SMTP Provider

An efficient SMTP service is what helps to make email marketing strategies a success.Its because of this service that:

  • All hassles relating to email communication are easily removed.
  • Emails are delivered at super fast speed therefore helping businessmen to keep in constant touch with their customers and clients. This fluid back and forth communication helps to build a loyal customer base for the businessman. In this way businessmen enjoy an edge over rivals.

Thus, an efficient SMTP service has boosted marketing strategies and helped businessmen to rake in unlimited profits.