SMTP Server Provides the Best Security Option

Email services today have a large impact on the modern marketing system. The business and commerce world will lose on the productive ground in absence of proper email services. Emails make online communication fast and making easily accessible for marketers to reach to their clients in least possible time and without any assistance. However, one needs to be secure about the mail server if it proficient, safe and secure.

SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is most trusted and widely used in corporate sector due to its security reasons. Here are a few features of Security Components of SMTP server:

Secure Socket Layer (SSL): Basically SSL are cryptographic protocols. These provide security to emails when they are sent and received. While symmetric encryption helps in maintaining email confidentiality, asymmetric cryptography is used for verification. Integrity or reliability of messages is checked by message authentication codes. Various online applications including emailing use different versions of SSL protocol.

Anti-Viruses: Our system and internet applications are protected from bugs by Anti-viruses. These two might not function properly if anti-virus fails to wipe-out the bugs. SMTP uses Amavis and Clamav anti-viruses to provide us the best security measure available in the web world. Amavis anti-virus is installed in SMTP server from beforehand and it protects our system and mails from – Malware, Viruses and Spam. This anti-virus can easily locate the viruses, spam and syntax error in your emails. Between content filters and mailers, Amavis acts as a border. Mails and computer systems are saved from potential threats by this antivirus.

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SpamAssassin: Most mail users and services face problems related to spam. To cheek on spamming SMTP has equipped itself with SpamAssassin. It acts as a potent weapon to keep useless mails away from our inbox. You don’t need to log on to your inbox to remove spam. The inbox cleaning process is done by it. It detects all the spam messages automatically and deletes them permanently. Saying no to spam has become easy now.

SMTP server consider security component the first and foremost priority. You get the opportunity to carry out emailing without worrying about various threats and useless email pouring in. If you want to make SMTP more secure, you need Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) before an inbound connection is accepted by the Virtual Server (VS). But it’s not practicable on net as you can’t predict who you will connect with and the user is using an appropriate username and password to connect. Moreover, many administrators are not interested in implementing it. So, it must be used with a different approach rather than removing anonymous connections.


Emailing Made Simpler With SMTP Servers

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Emailing constraints have become commonplace these days with the business world being affected the most. With bulk mailing becoming a part and parcel of modern marketing strategies, people are nowadays resorting to SMTP servers assuring faster and effective sending of emails. Failure in installing an SMTP server can lead to restrictions that can massively take toll on an upcoming project. Today, a majority of businessmen are seeking SMTP servers that help enhance the speed and efficacy of emails. SMTP servers also add to the deliverability of emailing communications.

Why should a person seek an SMTP server?

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There are several reasons indicating why a person should seek dedicated SMTP services some of them are mentioned below:

SMTP servers add to the success rate of a campaign: The better an email campaign is conveyed, the greater will be the rate of response. Earlier, emailing was significantly hampered due to non-existence of these outgoing servers that have changed the dimension of emailing to certain extents. Emailing constraints due to remote locations were previously common. However, the arrival of the SMTP servers has helped eradicate such constraints.

Easily installable: Modern servers can be configured with any email client like Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail and others. The servers can be installed with android phones and iPads.

Tracking mails: Modern SMTP servers arrive with tracking facilities. After clicking the send button senders are hardly able to know if the mail has reached the recipient’s inbox or not. However, modern SMTP servers come with advanced tracking facilities that inform the sender about the mail’s delivery status.

Now, you must have got your answer for “why should I opt for SMTP server”

Email deliverability speed

With dedicated SMTP services around, email deliverability increases to a greater extent. However the deliverability rate highly depends on monthly plans sought after by the client. It also depends on the number of mails one intends to send.

Is it considered illegal if a client sends countless emails?

If you own a legitimate business entity and intend to send emails to people who have particularly asked for them, then it is quite alright to go ahead with your plans. In such cases bulk email sending is not considered a malpractice. In fact it is quite legitimate to send out emails that are mostly subscription based.

The spamming possibilities usually depend as per the agreement signed between the client and the SMTP service provider. If a smaller business unit sends out a hundred mails in a day, the former will mostly go unnoticed; but if the business needs to send more emails, it will have to consider signing up a new agreement.

Send Mails with Ease on your New BlackBerry Smartphone

As the world is progressing, technology is also catching up. Every day, there is something new that technology has to offer. For the ‘gadget freaks’ a new variety of smartphones are being made available. Every smartphone is a notch higher than the previous one and telecom companies are vying to capture the market and the top spot with their product.

Among the breed of new, state-of-the-art smartphones that have currently hit the market, the BlackBerry Z 10 is one of the most talked about phones. The blackBerry series of phones is known as the best business phones. Usually, the people in the corporate world opt for the phone and it is one of the best phones in the world of telecommunication.

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Now, we all know how important sending and receiving emails is, in the corporate world. Deals are finalized, reports are sent, and so much more is done just via emails. Therefore, it is very important to setup an SMTP server on your smartphone. An SMTP service provider will help you use fabulous SMTP services so make your mailing experience better. Now if you want to setup SMTP on your new BlackBerry Z 10, you first have to add an email account to your BlackBerry phone. Now, the information required may differ from one email service provider to another. So, first, you have to contact your service provider and take all the information required.

  • On the phone home screen, swipe downward from the tool bar on top of the screen.
  • First tap on settings and then tap on Accounts.
  • Then go to ‘Add Account’ and tap it after which you have to tap on ‘Advanced’
  • Then you need to tap on the type of mail account you want to add. For instance, tap on ‘Work Account’ if you want an email account that the BlackBerry Enterprise 5 Service supports.
  • Then add the information required for the account.

To set up Outgoing mail services you will need to fill in the following information.

  • Username for SMTP – Customer’s username (this is optional)
  • Password for SMTP – Customer’s password (this is optional)
  • Address of SMTP Server – Outgoing mail server
  • SMTP port – Outgoing server port
  • SMTP Encryption – Off/ SSL/ Start TLS
  • Sync interval – Preference of customer
  • Initial retrieval amount – Preference of customer
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Then all you need to do is tap on done. The SMTP server will help you send mail but you do need to install IMAP or POP3 to receive mails.

Top Features of a Trustworthy SMTP Server

On the Online Marketing Diasporas, e-mailing is considered to be a chief medium to carry the campaign forward. An effective e-mailing service can bring greater benefits to the marketer. If e-mailing is carried out with utmost sincerity, a marketer can successfully entice greater number of visitors to their web pages.

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However, for effectual e-mail marketing, one needs to be in support of efficient e-mail servers. Over the time, SMTP server has leapfrogged others in terms of quality and efficiency. Although, there are several service providers offering different services to the clients but you must research well before getting connected with any of the service providers.

SMTP is solely designed for web programmers, employees, business owners and others, who transact and communicate via e-mails. One can gain several advantages by opting for SMTP server.

You must always trust that service provider, who offers numerous qualitative services to you. Some of the tips are being mentioned below which you must abide by before choosing a reliable SMTP server.

Bulk e-mail delivery: The first and foremost service, you should look forward to is about the bulk e-mail delivery. Oftentimes, you need to send huge amount of e-mails to the prospective clients and to the existing clients as well. Sending messages in bulk can save lots of time and money for you.

Transactional e-mail delivery: While transacting e-mails that consist of crucial information, a lot depends upon the strong reputation of sender. An able and efficient service provider manages the sender’s reputation by employing active reputation IP management system.

Tracking Reporting and Stats: This is one of the most significant elements of SMTP services. You must choose a SMTP server that offers maximum visibility of status report regarding the sent messages.



Cloud SMTP: The service provider must offer latest cloud computing technology to you. With the help of this feature, better e-mail delivery with increased assurances is ensured.


Reputation of Sender (IP): This feature is offered to manage the reputation of senders’ IP addresses. If your IP address does not enjoy a trustworthy reputation, e-mail delivery might get hindered and oftentimes, leads to the spam mails.

Committed IP Services: A lot in e-mailing process depend upon IP addresses. Majority of the time, senders face difficulty in transacting bulk e-mails due to unavailability of committed IP services. A reliable SMTP server must offer this feature to ensure better delivery of bulk e-mails.

Affordability: Besides having such quality features, a prominent SMTP server must offer the entire services at cheaper and affordable cost.

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To know more about features and services of SMTP server, visit the site of prominent service provider. Onto the site, you can gather enough information, which might help you in choosing a reliable SMTP server.

Know-how about changing your SMTP Mail Server settings

People who use the Internet on a daily basis to send emails, often face one problem in common-they are unable to send them successfully to the intended recipients. Because individuals often find themselves helpless they start using their hotmail accounts to send messages but this too proves to be futile.

The right thing to do is to call in an expert as a computer engineer knows how to change the outgoing SMTP mail settings. When people start experiencing daily problems in sending bulk emails, it’s time to contact your SMTP Service Provider.

Why do people start facing this problem?

  • Individuals often start facing this problem when their net provider changes the way of email sending in their networks. Such changes have to be made in order to prevent problems such as phising, spamming and malware problems. Companies often have to erect a new wall of security to thwart the invasion of junk emails or incoming viruses. When your net provider changes its settings, it’s time to change your SMTP Mail Server settings as well.

Once the settings are changed in order to adapt to the new changes made by the net provider it becomes easy to once again send emails.

How do individuals change their SMTP Mail Server settings?

It’s hard to remember how to change the settings and it is for this reason that one should always call in an expert. If a user wants to install it himself then he has to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • He has to go into the ‘Account setting’ page and then change the settings on his email account.
  • In order to get set up a connection between the Outlook and the company’s server, it’s important to sign up with SMTP relay service.
  • Next comes the all important step of actually changing the outgoing SMTP Mail server settings in order to use the change as a pointer towards the service’s SMTP server. This change facilitates the flow of user’s sent mail from his regular mail server to wars Outlook. However,if emails have to be sent by Outlook then it requires the new SMTP relay.
  • Once the SMTP Mail server settings have been sent the user’s email address will remain the same as before but now he is capable of sending emails from any location on the globe provided he has a stable Internet connection.

Individuals who are worried that they will not be able to handle such installation by themselves need not be afraid because they can always contact their SMTP Service Provider and ask them to send over an expert.