Achieve the Fruitful Email Marketing Results With Competent SMTP Server

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Are you facing troubles in proper delivery of your emails? If yes, make sure to correctly configure the outgoing email settings for the server. Many people relying on emails for their personal and professional commitments face similar hurdles but when checked, they are found to have configured the email setting wrongly. On many other circumstances, the fault lies with the server they have configured for outgoing emails.

Smooth email communication is a dream of most online marketers but often times they fail to live up to their dreams. The adverse circumstances while sending emails occur mainly due to unavailability of a strong and effective email sever. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is considered as the most reliable and trustworthy email server to make sure that your dream of hassle free emailing comes true.

Whether you are a start-up or a big business organisation, email helps you always remain in touch with your clients. Installing SMTP as an outgoing email server offers you many advantages, some of which are being mentioned below.

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Bulk Email Delivery Most email marketers prefer to send emails to their subscribers in bulk, as it offers them several advantages. Sending emails in bulk is not an easy task to do, as one has to keep watch on many things related to email sending. While other email servers do not provide assurance of strong IP server, SMTP does it with its expertise and latest technologies. Yes, sending bulk emails with the help of SMTP server is an out of the world experience for the email marketers. It also helps you save lots of time and money that could be invested in boosting other services of your organisation.

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Reputation Building Just like in the real world, reputation of your business plays a key role in the development of your venture in online sector. But, for this, you need to avoid indulging in spamming. Always remember that the guidelines set up by the spam control are strict and even small negligence could trigger spamming through your emails. SMTP manages the IP to uplift your reputation in the online sector and assures successful email delivery every time you hit the send button.

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Detailed Reporting The responsibility of email marketers’ does not end with sending emails. You need to keep track of the email sending reports and status updates. SMTP offers detailed reporting which leads to proper feedbacks from the recipients. With the help of this service, you would be able to know whether your email has been delivered, deferred, waiting in the queue, or something else. To go through the reporting details, you just need to access the control panel of your system.

Hence, SMTP is competent outgoing emails sever that makes sure that all your emails are properly delivered to the recipients. It offers several other benefits to the email marketers.


How to make sure that Your Emails are properly Delivered and Read by Recipients?

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Email marketing has become one of the most popular marketing methods in present times. The latest developments in the technology sector have boosted the usages of emails as a marketing weapon. It’s because of the offered reliability and flexibility in the marketing campaign that emails is considered more useful and profitable option in online marketing world.

It is essential for email marketers to design their emails at their best to stay clear from the spam filters. However, even the best designed emails sometimes fail to reach the inboxes of recipients. If anything similar occurs with the email relay from your system, you need to look seriously into the mail set up in your SMTP server.

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to find a reliable server provider to set up mail in SMTP server of your system. By doing so, you are able to send email freely and without any worry. Additionally, you are provided with several different plans to choose from. Reliable SMTP server is compatible with almost every popular email application and can be set up by following simple and easy steps.

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Moreover, here are some more proven practices to help you ensure that your emails make it successfully to the inbox of your subscribers.

Do not rely on Images while Designing your Email – Most times, readers do turn off image for security reasons. You can avoid this from happening by focussing on HTML code and choosing images carefully. By doing so, you can make sure that your emails are being delivered to multiple recipients. Always keep in mind to depend more on texts than images while designing your email.

Avoid the use of CSS – You should try to avoid the CSS support because it differs among the email clients. Instead of CSS, you can make use of standard HTML, irrespective of the flexibility offered by CSS. In case you have to consider using CSS, make sure to link it to the email and steer clear of embedding.

Make Sure to Double Check the Code – Make sure that all the tags and valid are closed and the code is clean. It helps you avoid the activation of spam filters.

Fit in a Browser Link in your Message – Make sure to give your email recipients an easy access to your messages. Slot in a link in your message, as it helps recipients view your mail in the browser of their choice.

These are some easy tips to make sure that your emails are being delivered effectively and recipients are able to view your messages without facing any sort of hassle.

Spamming Impossible with SMTP Authentication

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Businesses communicate with clients and partners through emails and just because they send out mails in bulk, most of them use SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol mail servers. SMTP servers help in sending out mails in a quick and cost efficient way. The configuration of SMTP authentication is important so that the problem of spamming does not occur. Here is an explanation stating how authentication works and why it is necessary. Take a look at the mechanics of SMTP authentication.


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How does authentication function?

SMTP authentication is required when the email is sent. When an email is being composed, one needs to provide the correct password and email address to authenticate the email. When you send out the mail, ISP checks the destination of the email and then relays the mail to the recipient’s mail server. This is called SMTP relay or simply, email relay. Basically what happens is that SMTP authentication checks if you are allowed to send email from that account.

Why is SMTP authentication needed?

From the explanation already given, it is clear to us, that to send an email one has to provide a legitimate password and email address. On a web server, things are a little different. Servers usually have SMTP enabled on it by default and a local host is used. However, local host SMTP does not need any authentication. This is a huge problem because by simplifying the programming, we also allow people to misuse the service. Some people may use the service for sending bulk mail and in the process they might even spam. With this, not only will the server slow down but it might also get blacklisted for spam by leading ISPs and the other users of the server won’t be able to send out emails anymore.

This problem is perfectly solved with SMTP authentication. Bulk email SMTP servers should have it installed so that the server cannot be misused and spam mails aren’t sent out. With authentication, the user is required to give the right SMTP identification in coding. This way the mail sent out will be sent via real email servers. This way you will have to abide by strict rules, daily quotas and spam filters. So basically, SMTP authentication protects both, the mail server and the web. This is the reason why hosting providers these days, don’t allow the use of local host SMTP. Authentication allows the reputation of the server to stay shielded.

Configure SMTP on Your Gadget and Send Email without Any Hassle

Technological advancements have completely changed the way people in the modern times communicate with each other. Information delivery process has become easier and faster now. Besides medical and education field, a massive change has also taken place in the business sector.

Internet is undoubtedly the biggest innovation in modern times and has made a major impact globally. It has made the human life simpler and more fun. Information these days is shared over emails and social media. When it comes to relay of emails, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) plays a key role.

SMTP smoothen the email delivery process to reach the mails quickly to the inbox of recipients. Communication through emails is fastest and easiest. Dedicated SMTP server comes into play as soon as emails are sent. At first, it looks out for the domain name in the provided email address and subsequently, the delivery process is carried out in real quick time. So, for the smooth and effective email exchange between two same or different servers, installation of SMTP in your system is must.

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However, you can sometimes encounter difficulties while email transaction. The turbulent email flow from your system can prove suicidal for your marketing campaign. It’s time that you run a check on the SMTP settings and reconfigure the SMTP set-up if necessary or ask for a free SMTP server setup program.

Also, you should find out a good third party SMTP email provider offering some valuable services. The SMTP server program offered by the reliable third party sources helps you maintain a smooth emailing and allows access to emails on various gadgets such as laptop, smart-phones, tablets and other compatible devices.

If your sole aim is to maintain smooth emailing, SMTP server is the best option available to you. The best thing is that it works without any network restrictions and there is no device. Additionally, SMTP offers several advantages such as no hidden costs, flexible email plans, support to different gadgets and multiple usages.

Hence, SMTP server is must for anybody into the online business sector. Find out a reliable third party SMTP provider to avail of best SMTP services.

Delivery of Bulk Mail made Easy with Dedicated IP

These days, half the businesses are taking the online route because more than half the world spends most of its time online. The businesses that operate over the internet also need to keep a tab on their clients in every corner of the world. They need to reach out to them, offer them new products and services and even promote their products online, so as to increase the number of visitors on the site.

The easiest way to reach out to hundreds and thousands of customers on a global basis is to contact them through emails. These days, even marketing is done online as more people can be effectively contacted. Old and traditional ways of marketing are of no use to businesses these days. Online marketing reaches customers and clients directly and increases the chances of site visits and purchases. The best way to contact customers online is through emails. Email marketing strategies work very efficiently.

Dedicated SMTP However, email marketing strategies, require you to send mails in bulk and the best way to send mails in bulk is by sending them through SMTP servers. SMTP severs are best when it comes to sending mails in bulk. A mail SMTP server provides you with a dedicated IP. A dedicated IP is used only by you and only for your business. This means that the IP address is strong and reputed and will send your mails fast. The minute the IP is shared by another, the process of sending mails slows down and at times it might get blocked. There can be nothing worse than a clogged mail service during office hours.

However, if you use an SMTP mail server, they will provide you with a dedicated and reputable IP. This IP will be so strongly managed that your mails won’t go to spam and neither will they be blocked or blacklisted.

SMTP Servers help in Email Marketing Strategies

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SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol relay basically is how your mail is and delivered to the recipient through an SMTP server. For example, if you take the instance of the postal service, it is the same. When a letter is sent from town A to town B, the post office of town B accepts the letter from the post office of town A, then post office B delivers the mail to its destination. This is relaying of messages. The same thing happens online.

SMTP servers are affordable and therefore it makes the sending of bulk mails much easier and cost efficient. As email marketing is ruling the online marketing scenario the biggest challenge is to keep the cost under check. SMTP mail servers help you maintain your budget.

The SMTP relay service delivers your emails efficiently and in lightning speed to the recipients, whether you are a corporate network user or a mobile user. SMTP helps you send mails in either way. Here’s how mobile users are benefitted by SMTP servers.

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• SMTP authorizations allows mobile users to relay mails from anywhere in the world to anywhere using just one SMTP server.

• While on the go, mobile user need not change any server setting in order to send mails.

• After you finish setting up the SMTP you need no additional support for mail clients to be reconfigured. That part is not necessary.

• SMTP servers that use daemons and scripts scan mails and the system for bugs and viruses.

Once the mails are transmitted to the server, the SMTP server tries to send it out. If it fails to deliver the message the first time, the server keeps trying to deliver the mail to the recipient. SMTP helps you with a plethora of benefits. If you are into email marketing then only an SMTP server can help you send out the mails successfully.

Configuring SMTP is very Essential for a Smooth and Effective Networking

SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is an electronic mail’s Internet Standard for transmission of emails across Internet Protocol network. You should choose the host and the port of your mail server while Configuring SMTP server which is used to send text messages and mails. Now test by sending a message to an email address. There is option to choose a different email address for ‘from’ headers of the tested message. Monitoring agent will be sending it and will also choose whether to PING the SMTP server during a test.

SMTP services

The service is provided by IIS. It is a simple component used for transferring mails. The message delivery is initiated by sending the mail to SMTP server which is designated. The SMTP server starts communicating with the Domain Name System (DNS) server, based on the domain name of recipient e-mail address. Looking up it returns the host name of the SMTP server destined for that domain.

Now, on port 25 the destination SMTP server is communicated by originating SMTP server directly by Transmission Control Protocol or Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). The original e-mail message is transferred to the recipient server only if the user name given in the email address matches with the authorized user account and destination server.

The message can be transferred through one or more SMTP relay server if the originating server fails to communicate with the destination server directly. The original message is received by relay server which delivers it to the destined server then. The process continues until the message is delivered.

SMTP doesn’t exist by default. You need to install the SMTP server by going into the Control Panel. Installation creates a defaulted SMTP server setting which you can later customize to your needs with the help of IIS Manager.

SMTP server settings

SMTP server is used by various mail user agents. These are: Outlook 2003 and 2007, Windows Live Mail 2011, MAC Outlook 2011, Mail Evolution, Eudora OSE, Fast Email Sender, MAC Mail, Send Blaster, Mozilla Thunderbird and Eudora Mail.

SMTP server settings for Outlook 2007

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• Open Outlook

• Select Account Settings from Tool menu

• Go to Account Settings

• Click New on the E-mail tab

• Select Manually configure server settings or additional server types

• Click next

• Select Internet E-mail and click Next

• Enter the information required for an email account – your name, email address, account type (POP3), outgoing mail server (SMTP), user name and password

Click more settings

• Check the box labeled My Outgoing Server by clicking on the outgoing server tab. It requires authentication

• Now choose to use same setting for my incoming mail server

Click on advanced tab and set numbers 110 under POP3 and 25 under SMTP

• Click ok

• Click next

• Click finish

Similarly, SMTP server settings can be done for other user agents also.