Digital Revolution: Opening New Avenues For Marketing

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Is marketing undergoing a change in this digital age? Well it seems so. As we spend increasing amounts of time on smartphones, tablets and laptops, different brands are striving to develop campaigns that cater to all these devices and prove effective across e-commerce, display advertising and social media.

Get Real-Time Interaction 

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As a result of technological advancements, now brands can communicate and interact with their consumers in real-time through their mobile apps and websites. This has been a driving force in modifying the essence of marketing. Today’s marketing teams need to find the perfect blend of merging the creative side of tapping into consumers’ minds and the technical aspect of analytics, digital engineering and data. However, it is true that both areas do not necessarily mix well all the time. It can be a challenging task to get your technical staff to work in accordance with your creative marketing team.

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Merging Technology & Marketing

So what can this merger of marketing and technology do for your marketers? Let’s see….Marketing is primarily focused on understanding the motivations of your target audience and utilizing this information to develop successful campaigns for promoting your brand and enticing potential consumers to buy your product or service. It is rather an intuitive and creative process. However, the technology your team uses to achieve this objective requires specific skills in computing, statistics and mathematics. The key is in making these 2 areas work together.

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Tanya Cordrey, Chief Digital Officer at Guardian News and Media, said “Where marketing hasn’t changed is the creativity and the passion from brands that have really helped build loyalty and emotion. Those things you still need, but almost all aspects of marketing have changed very dramatically.”

Increasing Reach, Relevance & Speed

Technology has efficiently transformed 3 specific areas of marketing, namely reach, relevance and speed of campaigns. The relevancy of a marketing campaign has been especially enhanced in this digital age. Now you can target your messages to specific groups with the precision of an ace sniper and offer your target audience relevant content.

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Moreover, technology has also greatly increased the speed and reach of various campaigns. You can now easily and instantly reach your consumers through various online platforms like news websites, YouTube, Facebook, mobile apps etc. Mark Singleton, Sportsbook Marketing Head at Paddy Power, said “If you come up with that nugget of an idea, you’ve now got such reach that you can expand that and get tremendous coverage just from a little niche idea.”

Upgrade Yourself

So if you are a marketer, then it’s about time that you upgrade your skills and update yourself in order to take advantage of these highly relevant and fast-paced marketing campaigns via the digital tools available. You will need to create a solid team with your marketers, technical staff as well as social media professionals and web developers.

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According to Charles Wells, Chief Marketing Officer of JustGiving, in the future marketers will have to merge creative and marketing skills with a real understanding of technology. He said “The biggest challenge for the marketer of the future isn’t how do I get skilled up, but how do I get to fit into this machine and which cog am I going to try and be?”

Balance Technology & Creativity

So if you want to make the most of the scenario and get the best of both worlds, then you need to find a balance where both creativity and technology will enable you to develop and advanced marketing campaign. Lisa Bridgett of Net-a-Porter, summed up by saying “The real stars are the ones who can balance a passion for technology, data, fashion and creativity at the same time.”

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How do you think technology is changing your marketing campaign? Do you use digital tools to increase the efficiency of your campaigns? Feel free to share your views and opinions by commenting below.

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Best Ways to Access Your E-mail While Travelling

Travelling and e-mailing. Not so long ago was the time when it would have been hard to imagine a person doing both at the same time. Today it is taken for granted that wherever you are and whatever you are doing, as long as you have access to the internet via a network service provider or a USB dongle, you can always send or receive an e-mail.

Since e-mails have become the primary form of formal communication – whether it involves friends and family or work – it makes accessing your mail, even while you’re on the road, very important. Now there are various gadgets and software applications that make checking your e-mails a breeze. Let’s have a look at some of them. 

Software that helps to ensure effective emailing while travelling

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Free E-mail apps:

If you’re checking your personal e-mail chances are that you’re availing a free service like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc. These mail services have easily available and downloadable apps that are free and that will help you view you mail on a laptop, a mobile phone or a tablet. 

Office E-mail apps:

If it is office mail that you will be checking then it is usually an e-mail address that your office has assigned specifically for you. You could either access it through a web browser on a laptop or tablet, or if your office has its own specific e-mail app, you could use that on your smartphone.

SMTP E-mail apps:

If you’re involved in online marketing, specifically e-mail marketing, you will need to download your SMTP provider’s app. This will prevent your travels from effecting campaign and will allow you to send your bulk e-mails. SMTP apps, depending on the provider, are available for download either as free or paid apps.

Gadgets that help to ensure effective emailing while travelling:

Low-cost or budget phones that support an internet connection:

It is not always necessary to have the most high-end, eye popping smartphone to access your e-mail. In fact you don’t even need a phone with 3G support as 2G works just fine.


Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, RIM, Sony and many other companies have flooded the market with smartphones – from phones that are water and dust resistant to those that harbour excellent display. As long as it has a large touch screen and a decent processor the smartphone is the most flexible device to have on the go for checking your e-mails.


Made for those who travel, the big screen of a tablet is a boon for frequent e-mail checkers, especially if they have to go through many attached documents that may be too large to comfortably read on a smartphone.

Reliable SMTP Provider

Do you agree or disagree with these choices? Drop in a line to let us know what you think about e-mailing while travelling.