Top 5 Email Applications Ruling Over the Android Operating System

It is quite obvious for youngsters and professionals to become avid smartphone users. The wide variety of technical offerings is meant to simplify our everyday life. Today, a good number of applications have evolved to support android functioning and also to enhance the efficacy of the much popular operating system. This newly evolved computerized technology can be very well related to our everyday life; in fact the android systems are designed to assist professionals who are in need of constant technical assistance.

Some are of the opinion that the ability to give out notifications at regular intervals has contributed to the popularity of android mobile phones. With the introduction of android programs people especially from the corporate background can keep a check on their mail inbox which is considered vital to keep oneself updated.

Assuming that you are absolutely a techie by heart and duly require some kind of technicality to keep yourself updated through emails; there are chances that you may consider configuring some absolutely essential applications that promise to manage your mail inbox in an improved way. Such technicalities will not only help you check your emails on the go but will also ensure that you reply them with a single tap of your finger. After all, convenience and performance are the two aspects that matter the most when you are trying to operate a SmartPhone.

Take a look at the Top 5 email apps currently reigning over the android sphere:

K9 Mail:

Considered one of the most popular newly launched alternative email clients floating across the web, the K9 Mail is a user friendly open-source project which is constantly undergoing advancements to meet modern needs of man. The application has already earned name because of its vast downloading capacity. Its extensive range of features may also include the following:

  • Unified inbox
  • Gmail support
  • Smart message handling
  • Smart search
  • Comprehensive customizable facilities



Are you done with K9? Now comes, the Maildroid which has earned the second-most position, popularity-wise. Designed with a highly responsive interface and truly intuitive Gmail support, the Maildroid will assist the user in the same way the K9 Mail application does.

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If you really require an ActiveSync/Exchange server then you can blindly trust Touchdown. The application mainly focuses on a super sensitive and powerful BYOD-ready system and offers facilities like:

  • PIN lock
  • Remote administration
  • Encryption
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Touchdown also provides widgets for tasks, calendar and emails. The system allows you the freedom to sync SMS and notes and to push tasks, contacts and the calendar.


This email application for android mobile technology is also amongst the five new-age applications gripping over SmartPhones in the recent era. Despite being an application for the Android operating system, the ProfiMailis reveals rich Symbian roots. This application generally provides the following benefits:



  • Webmail
  • POP3
  • SMTP
  • IMAP support
  • Integrated image
  • HTML
  • Zip file
  • Text
  • Word viewer for complete attachments
  • Filtering
  • Unified box
  • Smart search

Aqua Mail:

The email application supports numerous email services including Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail. Now matter if you use your own SMTP server, Aqua Mail gives you the right to benefit from its diverse range of features. If you have several email accounts Aqua Mail gives you the opportunity to sync all of them under a single app.

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